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Hello, and welcome!

Welcome one, welcome all to my new blog. Some of you may know me from my old blog Oh So Lazily and others maybe have just stumbled here randomly.

In either case, hello and my name is Sarah (which many people coming over from Lazily probably don’t actually know), I’m Australian, early 30’s and I like stuff.. and junk.

I decided to move onto a new blog as the massive amount of history that is in Lazily (seven years!) is a bit daunting. I wanted something new to say, “hi, this is the me you see today” and somewhere that I can show “all the me” if I wanted to. If you read the last blog over on Lazily, you’ll know that I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ with how blogs have become today and I want this to be a blog where I post about what I like and find interesting and also just random stories and things.

I’ve missed the blogs where you can just write a post about something just because, no need to think about what people will think or how popular it’ll be or whether you could make any money. Just a post for posts sake.

One area I’m interested in moving into is food and restaurant reviews and adventures. I find myself reading some people’s restaurant review sites even though I don’t live in, or near, their city. I am also considering posts about new, mystery food. Ever watched a “x person eats y type snacks” video and found it entertaining for no particular reason? Me too! Plus I love finding new, weird and wonderful foods I haven’t tried before.

That’s the idea right now anyway.

11 thoughts to “Hello, and welcome!”

  1. Welcome back (even though you weren’t technically gone).

    I think it’s a wonderful idea to write reviews on restaurants. That’s unique and different.

    Like you, I started my blog back up as a personal blog. Years ago, when blogs were popular, they were exactly as how you stated them. Now, I’m seeing them being as less personal and not so much toward making money or anything like that. It’s less personal and not so much about drama (except for some people). This is what my blog is, NO drama and less personal. I wanted something to write about and now that I’m in college, I’m writing about my life as a college student etc. One of these days when I’m done with college I will most likely bring my book reviewing blog back. But as it stands, just my blog on my “personal life.” If you know what I mean?

  2. It’ll be lovely to read a blog that is just a blog. Nothing wrong with the other type, but sometimes they can get rather marketing-ey. I remember when I first started blogging in the early 00’s and it was the sort of thing you told no one.

  3. I’ve had BH for almost 4 years and with this new transition I’m going through in my life, I feel like I want to make a change when my domain expires in September – but BH is close to my heart. It’s a difficult decision!

    1. I know what you mean, Lazily is nearly 10 years old! I let it expire for a few days once but then went ahead and renewed it anyway :P I feel like I’ll be doing that forever now because I don’t want to part with it.

  4. Sometimes it can be nice to have a fresh start. There are things to learn from the past, but when it’s no longer relevant to you today, there is no need to have them around.

    I’m a big supporter of blogging the way YOU want, not what you think other people want to see. (Though I guess it really depends on what goals you have for the blog.) :)

  5. Good luck with this new blog! You know, it’s strange . . . I’ve had mine since 2002 (well, technically I started blogging in 2001), and I’ve never once thought about starting anew on a new domain or anything. I guess when I picked my second domain name, which is my current blog, I picked the a name that was just right for me and it also represented my Korean heritage . . . so it’s here to stay for a while. LOL. And yes to blogging because you want to blog and share things. I’m the same way with mine :)

  6. It’s so great to see that you have a blog again, and this time it is focusing on what you want it to be about. I hope that you will feel much more comfortable with it. :D

    ((Sorry I am lame and took ten million years to finally comment!))

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