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Thick cut French Toast topped with mixed berry compote & maple bacon

Review: Neighbourhood Food, Gungahlin

Last Friday night Jarrod and I were procrastinating making dinner and eventually we decided we couldn’t be bothered with all that and would buy something instead. We nearly ordered pizza delivered because, well, we’re lazy but then we decided to put some ‘outside clothes’ (translate: pants) on and head to the shops.

For a long time I’d been wanting to visit Neighbourhood Food because I’d seen their flyer in the mail and also looked them up online and the photos of all their delicious meals made me want to give them a try. So I convinced Jarrod we should go there and eat one of their awesome looking pizzas.

Neighbourhood Food - The Meat Pizza
Neighbourhood Food – The Meat Pizza

As we arrived the owner, David, opened the door for us and seated us in a nice window seat, reciting that days specials and allowing us to have 2 chocolate milkshakes for drinks, even though it wasn’t on the menu. Jarrod and I enjoy trying new shakes where ever we happen to eat. Thick shakes are our preference but we’ll take what we can get.

The table was quite big in size and it was nice to be in a place that doesn’t try to cram everyone in and have tiny tables for couples, shoved up against the wall. It was a good size and they had a bunch of flowers and a little tealight candle on the table for a nice added touch.

Cute table arrangements - and shakes!
Cute table arrangements – and shakes!

While the specials sounded great, we ended up going with what we’d walked in for. The Meat pizza.. exactly what it sounds like, pizza loaded up with all kinds of meat. Some might say the best kind of pizza and this one didn’t disappoint, there were large chunks of everything. I really enjoyed the big pieces of ham.

The Meat Pizza - Ground beef, salami, ham, chicken, bacon, onion, oregano & mozzarella
The Meat Pizza – Ground beef, salami, ham, chicken, bacon, onion, oregano & mozzarella ($22 Large)

While waiting for the pizza, David came around to keep us updated on the progress and to make sure we didn’t need anything else. You can tell he really cares about making sure his customers enjoy their meal and have a good experience.

Jarrod and I struggled to finish getting through the pizza and unfortunately had to decline the dessert. It was one of the specials that had caught my eye, a brownie in a cup with house made strawberry sauce & chocolate mousse.. sounds delicious! I seriously considered just getting it anyway but I was just far too full to do it.

So we decided to leave it at that and pay, David handed us a copy of their new brunch menu (very sneaky) and was really glad we’d enjoyed our meal, he also opened the door for us on our way out.

As it turns out, that wouldn’t be the last Neighbourhood Food would see of us for the weekend. The brunch menu was lurking on our kitchen bench all day Saturday and we decided we should try that out for breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning.. little did we know that the Convoy for Cancer would be driving up the street to the shops and it would be lined with people. We persevered though and made it through to our destination.

Again we were read the specials but we had basically decided already by the time we got there.

Fried free range egg & bacon in a fresh crusty roll with BBQ or tomato sauce ($10)
Fried free range egg & bacon in a fresh crusty roll with BBQ or tomato sauce ($10)

Jarrod went with the Bacon and Egg Roll which came out on a bed of baby spinach. Usually we’ll ask for a hard yolk (I’m not sure of the “egg name” for that) when ordering anything with a fried egg but we trusted they would know that an Bacon and Egg Roll should never have a runny yolk (who wants yolk running down their arm?) and it would come out fine. Which it did, a nicely done (soft but not runny) yolk and delicious looking bun. Jarrod said it was a very good roll.

Thick cut French Toast topped with mixed berry compote & maple bacon
Thick cut French Toast topped with mixed berry compote & maple bacon ($14)

Would you believe I’ve never eaten Maple Bacon before, and only in the last few months even considered I could eat bacon with sweet things? What have I been missing out on all this time? So yes, I decided to go with their French Toast which was amazingly good! There was even hidden bacon between the layers, it was all cooked perfectly and the berry compote was sweet and delicious (although needed a spoon!). I’d be really interested to know how they would go with waffles or pancakes!

All in all, we had a great experience here. The staff are friendly and provide excellent service but also know when to leave you (and your food) be. We’ll definitely be going back to try more things from the menu.

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2 thoughts to “Review: Neighbourhood Food, Gungahlin”

  1. That little restaurant sounds amazing! I wish I lived in Australia, to try out the wonderful restaurants that I keep seeing on your blog and on Georgie’s. No fair! I don’t think there’s a restaurant over here that serves pizza that good!! Tristan and I happen to make our own out of pita pizza’s. We were just talking about opening our own restaurant for Pita Pizza’s. All kinds too. However, we were only joking. Oh, I might be mistaken about the pizza thing. I think/believe there is a restaurant that serves the best pizza and it’s called BJ’S , however, I have yet to try their pizza.

    Tristan and I went out a LOT our first semester in college. I’m not sure if this is only an American thing or if it’s a cross-country thing. But our college or rather community college, has this thing called the Freshman 15. Where you gain 15 pounds your Freshman year of college. True to that statement! I did gain 15 pounds. All of that hard work, gone. I’m a little mad at myself for allowing me to drink soda every single day. It’s either going to be soda or Gatorade. I prefer Gatorade, but eh. I regret eating out so much, as now it doesn’t sound exciting. Ah well, live and learn right?

  2. Yay, I am glad it was worth the effort to go pants on. :D

    It’s really cool that the owner was so committed to making sure customers were happy and those little things can make a big difference.

    I am glad the food was good. I am not much of a meat eater at all, but if you like it, and it’s done well, that is the best thing. :D

    Those milkshakes look so good. Mmmmmm. I love thick shakes too. I usually always have strawberry, but right now I could so handle a banana one……. *drooling*

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