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Recently Thai Herb expanded into a new building near us. A few people had mentioned how we should give it a try and one Thursday night a few weeks ago we decided to see what this place was all about. Thai Herb is in a great location and looks lovely too. Nice and modern although, as we discovered on our second visit, it is quite loud and hard to hear other people on your table depending on where you get seated.

Thai Herb - View from the table
Thai Herb – View from the table

Once we got inside we were quickly seated, but that was pretty much the only time something happened quickly. It took 15mins to get served and then more than 30mins for our food to come out. We asked for entree and mains to come out together but our entree came out even before our drinks and about 20mins or so before our mains. Fortunately, we weren’t in too much of a rush but it is a bit longer than we’re used to. On our second trip we wondered whether there would be any improvement on this, it was pretty much the same. There seems to be some issue with how their orders are taken and how that information gets to the bar because it took going and reminding them about our drinks before we received them. Where slowness of service is concerned, it seems like they might be a bit overwhelmed with the size of the space and also balancing their takeaway orders. Hopefully once they’re all settled in that problem will go away.

Although the service was slow there was one woman buzzing about trying her best to get to everyone. She was quite tall with brown hair and was nice and friendly although obviously very rushed. She brought out most of our food and was apologetic about the wait.

Satay Sticks (Satay Gai) - Grilled chicken skewers served with Thai Herb's peanut sauce ($7.90) (4))
Satay Sticks (Satay Gai) – Grilled chicken skewers served with Thai Herb’s peanut sauce ($7.90) (4))

When entree came out we were mostly interested in the little spoon. The cutlery was quite heavy and we thought the spoons would make excellent spoons for getting icecream out of tubs as they were so sturdy. Once we moved on from the little spoon it was time to try the sticks. The chicken itself wasn’t as tender as expected and a bit chewy but still tasted fine and when you added the peanut sauce they were much improved. We both agreed the sauce was the highlight of the dish.

Although Jarrod had wanted a chocolate milkshake (we wondered why it was on the menu) they didn’t have the chocolate syrup available so we both went with Lemon Lime and Bitters. It seems as though no one place makes a Lemon Lime and Bitters the same and they all have different ratios of the flavours depending on who pours the drink and Thai Herb was no different.

Lemon Lime and Bitters
Lemon Lime and Bitters

This one was VERY orange, I’m not even sure why as it was more sweet than bitter so I’d be interested to know what was in it. It was my second mason jar as a glass experience in as many days, which is a trend I still don’t understand and it also came with a stirrer, which all Lemon Lime and Bitters should come with! It was quite average tasting and I probably wouldn’t get it again. The second visit we stuck with Coke and Sprite.

Crispy Chicken (Gai Pad Med Ma Moung) - Thai Herb's original recipe, deep fried battered chicken thigh stir fried with a special sauce ($18.50)
Crispy Chicken (Gai Pad Med Ma Moung) – Thai Herb’s original recipe, deep fried battered chicken thigh stir fried with a special sauce ($18.50)

Finally, it was time for the mains. I have to admit I was checking the time and commenting on how long it took as I served up some of the Crispy Chicken and then I took my first bite and the annoyance with the wait instantly disappeared. This might be my new favourite chicken dish. It is incredibly tasty. Sweet and crispy and delicious. It also comes with some chili (although it wasn’t hot in the slightest) and a generous serving of cashews. So many cashews in fact that we couldn’t finish them. It was an excellent dish. As soon as we started eating this we decided we’d be coming back, although we might choose takeaway instead of dining in.

Pad Thai - Thin rice stick noodles are wok tossed in Thai Herb's special Pad Thai sauce, with roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, chives, egg and tofu ($14.90)
Pad Thai – Thin rice stick noodles are wok tossed in Thai Herb’s special Pad Thai sauce, with roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, chives, egg and tofu ($14.90)

You might have noticed by now that Jarrod and I are spice wusses. We can deal with mild dishes but aren’t adventurous enough to try something a little hotter. Fortunately, Pad Thai is mild and delicious. We decided on Chicken Pad Thai and it was quite nice. The chicken was soft and delicious, the bean sprouts were fresh and crunchy and everything tasted as you’d expect a Pad Thai to taste. It was quite tasty but our hearts were pretty much set on the Crispy Chicken by this point.

Overall the food makes this place worthwhile, regardless of the wait. It was really fresh and delicious and we would go back (obviously, as we have gone back already) although we would probably go with takeaway or delivery¬†instead. They have an online ordering system which I’d be interested to try – Any restaurant that has an ordering system where I don’t have to phone is a plus for me (as well as having their menu online.. Thai Herb has this too!).


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2 thoughts on “Review: Thai Herb, Gungahlin

  1. That is annoying that the service was so slow. Hopefully, like you said they can manage things a bit better in that department soon!

    Aww, that spoon looks so adorable! I want one! >.<

    Wow, that drink was very orange. I have never seen one that colour before. xD

    I am glad that the main, made the wait and other problems disappear and you enjoyed it. That does sound like a good idea to oder it takeaway so the problem with the wait is not there. :D

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