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Three Years

It’s Jarrod and my third anniversary!

We’ve gone from hanging out on Friday nights as friends, drinking and doing stupid things to hanging in on Friday nights as a couple, not drinking and doing whatever we want in our house because we can!

We’ve gone from having no where to call our own, seeing each other on weekends and a few hours during the week to living together in the home we bought together, seeing each other every day and night.

We’ve gone from safe foods to Jarrod allowing me to take him places he’s never been before and trying foods he never would have previously.

We’ve gone from being shy around each other (the first time we slept in the same bed, Jarrod wore jeans to sleep in – I told him he was crazy) to letting it all hang out :)

It’s been a happy, fun, interesting, silly, super cool time and sometimes I wonder how life allowed me to find someone who understands and loves my crazy. And then I don’t question it and just be grateful it did.

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