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Delicious chocolate!

Happy Easter!

Easter is by far my favourite holiday, which has nothing to do with religion and pretty much everything to do with chocolate. Also the 4 day weekend doesn’t hurt. I wait patiently all year for the deliciousness that is Lindt bunny’s.. I don’t know why they taste better than the blocks, they just do somehow.

This year we decided, given we don’t particularly have any religious ties to Easter,┬áthat we’d share our eggs on Good Friday rather than on Easter Sunday, mostly because we wanted to enjoy some chocolate before we take our trip to Melbourne next week. We decided not to get each other much this year because we’re trying to decrease our snack/junk intake but.. we decided that after I’d bought about 80% of eggs for Jarrod – oh well.

My easter haul – not pictured, a lindt bunny that had it’s ears bitten off almost instantly and a bunch of Cadbury eggs!


Jarrod's haul - not pictured, the display box full of Malteser bunny's!
Jarrod’s haul – not pictured, the display box full of Malteser bunny’s!

Sometimes I go a bit crazy when it comes to easter. I think up the presentation and how I want to do that.. this year it was about the ‘MaltEaster’ bunnies. They’re one of Jarrod’s favourites and he kept hinting how he would like some.. so I put together the above assortment and then put the rest of the box on his desk as an extra surprise. I assume buying 30+ of them means getting the hint.

.. Plus there are pirate bunnies, yargh!

He also got the hint about Lindt bunnies and 3 of them (in milk, dark and hazelnut) are hiding in the above shot. Are lindt hazelnut bunnies new this year for everyone or just Australia? They’re pretty amazing!

This year I also decided, for some crazy reason, to make eggs for people rather than buying them. It all started when I saw this mould at Aldi and thought they looked neat. Little did I know that it was going to be a task that took hours and left us with chocolate all over the kitchen. I remember doing chocolate moulds as a kid and never remember it being so time consuming or difficult.. but then I guess as a kid I didn’t really care if the chocolate was tempered or if I went outside of the moulds.. chocolate was chocolate. And Mum and Dad were the ones that had to clean up the kitchen.

Delicious chocolate!
Delicious chocolate!

I was pretty concerned about the tempering of the chocolate as I don’t have a candy thermometer and I wanted the bunny’s and eggs to be able to stand up on their own in room temperature if needed. I ended up using this technique with the microwave of Ann Reardon’s. She makes the reason you need to temper chocolate easy to understand (by way of lego blocks) and shows you step by step how to achieve tempered chocolate without a candy thermometer.

After we got the tempering done it was time to get the chocolate into the moulds! Which sounded really easy but let me tell you, don’t use a spoon because it is far too big for the moulds and makes things very, very messy. We ended up using a snaplock bag with a tip cut off to ‘pipe’ it into the moulds. This means you are able to get into the corners easily and hopefully not miss any spots. While we did have a bag explosion at one point (it started oozing out down my hand) it was pretty easy with this method.

Piping into the moulds
Piping into the moulds

Once you have piped in enough chocolate it’s time to smack the mould against the bench hard a couple of times and shake it around to get it into all the little crevices in the mould. The smacking helps even out the chocolate as well as removing air bubbles.

Milk chocolate in the moulds
Milk chocolate in the moulds

This was the mould that we completed second, after we’d learnt the ‘spooning into moulds is hard’ lesson. It was so much easier and less messy as you can see. Unfortunately we ran out of chocolate and had to melt some more at this point.

Into the fridge they went to set for about 30 minutes and we hoped when they came out we wouldn’t break any.

Assembly time!
Assembly time!

We had some issue with the white chocolate setting too fast and also the explosion so some of them turned out quite rough (as pictured above) and well.. I snapped 2 of the white bunny’s :( Hopefully our emergency surgery works and they don’t snap again on our second attempt.

And complete!
And complete!

Completed bunny! The idea was to wrap it all up in cellophane but the cellophane I got is rectangular and isn’t really playing with us to get them packaged as I’d like so I’ll need to think of something else.

All in all I’m not sure I’d do this again, maybe it’d be easier next time because we would have learnt from all the issues that popped up. I was lucky Jarrod was there to help otherwise I’d probably have never got to the end and there would have been even more chocolate over the kitchen.

Also, Jarrod took most of the photos because I was covered in chocolate, how cool does the chopped chocolate one look? I want to eat it all!

Now it’s time to go munch on a Lindt bunny!

9 thoughts to “Happy Easter!”

  1. MMMM. It does look like you’ve done a lot of work with it, but the end results look so yummy. I really wish I could try one of them. They just look so nomlicious!

  2. Yummy! Unfortunately, due to the puppy in the house, I can’t have chocolate anymore :( I am a terrible person when it comes to dropping food on the floor, including candy. But Easter is fun. Unfortunately, I’m not doing my favorite thing on this holiday: coloring and getting boiled eggs to take home. It is a real shame, but this Easter falls on my husband’s birthday.

    So, you bet, something will happen tomorrow with it. Glad you enjoy Easter all the way.

  3. Yum, that’s awesome that you guys get each other so much chocolate :D

    I’m glad you linked that video! I have never tempered chocolate before and didn’t know you could do it that way by shaving them and then microwaving. So nifty, I may have to try it!

    I pipe frosting sometimes to decorate cakes, and a set of plastic piping bags is pretty inexpensive. I recommend giving them a try! They are more sturdy than ziplock bags, which I’ve tried to use before too.

    The bunnies turned out great though and are very cute :D

  4. I love the Malt Easter egg bunny things. They are so delicious mmmmm.

    It was a lot of work with the molds, but it did turn out cute. I am sure next year you will be able to make heaps more. :D

  5. I love DIY, and what could be better than DIY chocolate!? They look so yummy!! I’m also in it for the chocolate, I wait all year for Cadbury creme eggs.

  6. Yumm, all that chocolate looks delish! I’m not particularly a chocolate person, but for Easter and some other occasions, I’ll make an exception haha. :D

    DIY chocolate with molds is so messy! I’m glad you figured out tempering. I still have yet to figure how to do this incredibly simple-looking yet so complicated task x.x The moulds and everything make it look so fun! I’m sure it was extremely time consuming the first time for that reason: because it was the first time. It might go a little bit faster and more efficiently next time since you’ve already figured it out this time! ^-^

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