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On not having passion

Have you seen those blog posts with titles like “5 ways to find your passion!” or “How to find a job you love!” and then you read it and feel even more uninspired than you did when you clicked on the link? Me too.

Sometimes I watch videos or read articles on how to find a job that interests me or how to determine what it is I really enjoy doing and at the end I don’t feel like I’ve learnt anything new. There is never one of those light bulb moments.

How often do you see any posts about what to do if you don’t have anything you’re passionate about or incredibly interested in and how to deal with how that feels? I don’t think I’ve ever come across one. Maybe this can be the one.

I think that people who know exactly what they like and what they want to do, don’t realise how  much of a struggle it is to not know those things. It should be easy right? Pick something and go with it! I assume it’s those people who write all the ‘inspiring’ articles about doing what you love because it was just so very easy for them.

Unfortunately, I also have no useful advise. I mostly have frustration about it. I suppose I can say “hey, you’re not alone”. I understand how hard it is to look into courses or jobs and think that none of the options are interesting. I know what it’s like to do career tests and think the results wouldn’t suit me at all. I know what it’s like to look at 100’s of different job types and feel hollow inside because I don’t understand how I couldn’t know what it is I enjoy doing.

You would think my brain would know what my brain likes to do, right? Apparently not.

So instead, I wake up each day and drag myself to a job that makes me question the human race, go home, stare blankly at a screen of some description (be it TV or computer) as the time counts down until I go back to bed and repeat it all again, waiting out the weekend. At which point I can ponder what things I could do for 2 days until I go back and the cycle repeats.

And such is the way of life of someone lacking in passion or hobbies they enjoy.

6 thoughts to “On not having passion”

  1. Interesting . . . I suffer from the opposite problem. I have way too many interests and hobbies! Seriously, sometimes when I suddenly find myself with a lot of time (ie: vacation), I struggle with what I want to do! I usually choose by what I’m in the mood for, and I tend to go through phases with my hobbies. I can be into video gaming for like two weeks before I switch over to reading YA novels for a month or be into knitting for a week and so far, so on. And sometimes it’s a struggle to do something different because after work, I’m mentally and physically exhausted so I tend to just do the same thing over, like re-reading a book I’ve already read because it’s so familiar, and I don’t have to concentrate too hard on the task. So that’s me with my fluctuating interests and hobbies.

  2. I can relate to this entry. It seems that I am always stuck at finding my “grand passion” or any “passion” to say the least. I have things I enjoy, fandoms and distractions but at the back of my head, I always wondered what is it that I am living for. If I have something I truly desire and would want to work for, surely I will change myself/do something to achieve that goal. Then again, maybe I don’t have that sort of drive. I sure sound confused/crazy going back and forth with my thoughts. Great post to ponder on Sarah! (PS. Those articles annoy me since they always turn out to be insipid or recycled.

  3. I don’t find those kinds of posts very helpful. You can’t force passion; it just happens. It’s possible to fake it, but if it’s not actually there, it won’t be as fulfilling.

    I don’t have any useful advice either. :( People who manage to do what they love for a living are lucky. Not everyone can just drop what they’re doing now to pursue their dreams.

    I also feel like I’m just sitting around on the weekends waiting to go back to work. I just try to tell myself not to make it a zero day. That is, if I can do just one thing outside of bed (do the dishes, get dressed and go out to eat, play a game for an hour), that’s a good day for me.

  4. I pretty much feel like this all the time. I have to force myself to do my hobbies otherwise I just really don’t do or care much about them at all. Sometimes I have this surge of “I definitely love this and will do this forever!” but that can fade pretty fast.

    You’re right. Anyone that’s passionate in what they do, be it creatively or otherwise, is extremely lucky and I envy them. I feel like it’s just the way they’re programmed, y’know? You can force yourself to be passionate about something, but unless you truly feel it, it takes way too much effort to sustain sometimes.

    I sometimes feel like I lack passion and do things mindlessly because I’m just tired of life :P Maybe we’re just waiting on a really good reason or something really great to hit us and get us going.

  5. That would be really difficult. I have a few friends that I know, who have the same problem, and find it hard to find something that they are interested in. Sometimes, at least with them I found that they were under confident about themselves and their talents and it held them back from even trying certain things. I am not saying that is the case with you, or with everyone that has the same problem.

    I have always loved ‘creative things’ so I find interests in so many fields their. I would have to be one of those people. xD

  6. I know how it feels not to have passion but of course there was a reason why: I have bipolar disorder, so the depression part kind of sucks away the passion, but normally if I stabilize then I have a ton of passion for everything I do ;) Depression just sucks.

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