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Our house: Year One

This time last year we had just moved into our house and it felt so strange. We went from living in a 1 bedroom plus study, tiny little apartment that had lots of noise from outside (thanks to a pub across the road) to living in a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs that, other than the frogs (and the cows) and sports on the ovals nearby, was very quiet. Our house does like to make unusual noises though… especially when only one of us is home.

Yes, there are cows near our house!
Yes, there are cows near our house!

The first time we heard cows it was really odd, they sounded like they were right outside and we wondered why there would be a cow right outside but it turns out the sound just carries from the farm up the street and maybe cows are just loud.

The farm about 5 mins away
The farm about 5 mins away

It took a long time to come home and not feel like I was just staying in someone else’s home, someone more grown up than me. How could this big home be ours? That’s crazy! It had been years since I’d lived somewhere with a yard and a clothesline. The clothesline was one of the first things I used and it was awesome. Until it became the home of some particularly weblike spiders. They really love making their webs over the clothesline.

Once spring came (we moved in in autumn) we decided to get some weeding done. It had been 6 months+ since the yard had been weeded and wow, I never want to do that again! Our arms and legs hurt for days after from all the bending, cutting and ripping out of weeds. After that I decided to plant some poppies and sunflowers. But, as expected with my lack of gardening skills, only one of the sunflowers ever took and it was a mammoth sunflower! I chose a nice looking pack of seeds and didn’t really think about the fact it said it grew to around 1.8m high. This thing just grew and grew and grew.. it took months to flower and we wondered if we’d been looking after a massive weed. It basically had it’s own ecosystem going on. Finally, a few days after new years it decided to flower.

Our sunflower, and why yes, that is the roof
Our sunflower, and why yes, that is the roof

I tried to get a selfie with it one day but it was so much taller than me that I couldn’t get me and it in the frame together.

The strange thing about buying a house is that you find all these random quirks that it has and you wonder a) how did the previous owners live with it like that or b) what the hell does that do? After a year we still have things we don’t know the purpose of. It would be great if the sellers would be provide a ‘Our house: The Quirks’ handbook when you move in so you know how to change the time on the oven (we left ours on daylight savings time until it actually changed to daylight savings time because we couldn’t work out how to change it), what that weird switch does, why aren’t there exhaust fans in the bathrooms, etc. So you can get an idea of the history of the house.

It took us a few months to notice that in our kitchen there were under cupboard lights and a few months after that (when an electrician came to visit) yes, they did work and here’s how you use them.

Our kitchen and hey, those lights do work!
Our kitchen and hey, those lights do work!

While it took me a long time to get used to living here – I really missed living near everything. Our place isn’t really that far from things but it was further than we had been living and I felt sad we didn’t have a local shops within a few minutes walk – there have been some definite upsides. We own the place (well, the bank does and they charge us lots of interest for the privilege of lending us a bunch of cash) and we can put holes in the wall if we like (and on accident.. oops).. we hung a mirror and a floating shelf and felt accomplished. We’ve learnt how to fix some things instead of getting people in to fix them for us… although that also included unclogging a really, really gross drain. When you’re pulling blonde hair and grey gunk out of a drain and neither of you are blonde, you start to feel a bit queasy about whose gunk you’re taking out of that drain. I also mowed a lawn for the first time in my life, I still can’t start the mower by myself but I can mow the lawn and I have to say, when you mow over a particularly tall weed it’s sort of exhilarating.

Plus we get to see variations of this every day (although today is gloomy and not exciting):





Yeah.. I like taking photos of the pond at sunset.. if you couldn’t tell.

Maybe during year 2 I’ll take more photos of the inside of the house, rather than just the surroundings.

7 thoughts to “Our house: Year One”

  1. Wow, your place does look beautiful! But as an urban gal, I’d go crazy living in the suburb/rural area after a while. I’m so used to living in Seoul, where within every few minutes of walking distance, I have a market or a convenience store and everything else. But the outdoor photos you take are gorgeous, especially the sunset photos!

    1. We’re suburban but definitely not rural. I know what you mean though, living in the city here is so pricey though. Initially we did look at some places in the city but for the same price that we bought our house (which is about 15min drive from the city, 30mins during peak) we would have only been able to buy a small 2 bedroom apartment. Plus the noise was a big factor.

  2. I love reading about your first year at the house. That’s awesome that you can hear cows, and your view is amazing. That’s something I miss about my last apartment. I don’t get to see the sunrise or sunset from my current home.

  3. Aww, your home looks lovely! Lots of pretty things around you. I’ve been with Miguel ten years, five married, but a home is last on my list. Maybe because I’m a city girl and used to apartment living. I do live in a nice place, but a house might be fun some day. I think I would opt for a condo though, lol!

  4. Congrats on owning a home! (Clearly I haven’t checked your blog in awhile… Or since the new URL, anyway!)
    It looks really nice! I can’t wait to own my own home, defo going to be rural! :)

  5. Your house looks like it is in such an awesome location. :D I didn’t expect that you lived in a kind of countryish area. Or maybe I just assume everyone is in the ‘city’.

    It would be a nice feeling to own your home, even if you have a loan for it, it is yours and you can do what you like with it. I love the photos as well. :)

    Wow. That sunflower is crazy!

  6. Wow, those views are stunning!

    And I feel you on the drain thing. I’ve had to do that with my old roommates back at one of the houses we rented. I believe we YouTubed how to do it too lol, but it was not pleasant.

    It does take a while to kind of realize that you are living permanently in a house instead of just renting. It’s nice though once you’ve really settled in. Have you done any painting/renovations around your house to personalize it?

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