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Hillbilly Dog - served with bacon bits, shredded cheese & BBQ sauce ($10)

Review: Trunktown, Melbourne

During our trip to Melbourne earlier this year we were hoping to try a really good chocolate thick shake. I did a google search for “thick shake melbourne” and one of the results on the first page was the best thick shakes in Brisbane so it seems like there is somewhat of a thick shake drought in Melbourne. Or maybe they just call them something different, I mean there is that whole Potato Scallop vs. Potato Cake debate. On the night before we left I found that Trunktown had the best milkshakes around (according to a random article I read) so decided we should give it a try.

After checking out on our last morning with a few hours to kill, we embarked on a journey for breakfast which ended up being a disappointing smoothie that left us about as full as when we first walked in and so we continued our journey pretty much straight away for lunch. Now, Melbourne is somewhat deceiving in its gridlike blocks because you think ‘oh, Exhibition St is just around the corner from Little Lonsdale and Little Lonsdale is about 2mins from where we are now! Super easy!” Except, when you’re on Queen St, Exhibition St is more than a kilometre away and with all your worldly possessions (that you took to Melbourne anyway) in your backpack, it makes for a heavy, long walk.

After trudging along, wondering “how many more blocks until Exhibition St!” we were there! Trunktown has all sorts of things going for it. You first walk in and there is a lovely beer garden, a bit further up is the diner with awesome retractable roof and then there is the restaurant. When we were there I didn’t actually realise the restaurant was part of Trunktown and thought it was just a historical building doing historical things.

We decided to sit indoors.. it would have been a lovely day to sit outside but as Canberrans used to strict non smoking laws in restaurants the more lenient laws in Melbourne generally made us consider eating inside – if there were ashtrays on tables, it was an indoors kind of place (for us). We were led to a table inside and left to look at the menu. Which, kindly enough, has the free wifi password on it! We thought that was pretty neat and took advantage of the wifi as we waited for our food to arrive.

Tim Tam Slam ($8)
Tim Tam Slam ($8)

The first thing we looked at, obviously, were the shakes and both decided to go with the Tim Tam Slam which, if you wanted, you could pay an extra $8 and get some rum added to it. We decided on non alcoholic and weren’t disappointed. This tasted like it had a packet full of Tim Tams in it and it was amazing. Probably one of the best shakes I’ve ever drank and although it wasn’t technically a thick shake it was quite thick in consistency and had a good texture. It was chocolatey and awesome and definitely worth the walk to get there.

Hillbilly Dog - served with bacon bits, shredded cheese & BBQ sauce  ($10)
Hillbilly Dog – served with bacon bits, shredded cheese & BBQ sauce ($10) with side of fries ($4)

Since learning more about how hotdogs are made I haven’t really been keen on eating them and before we got to Trunktown I thought I’d probably go with the burger or one of the quesadillas but this hot dog called out to me, I think it was mostly the bacon and hotdog combination that got me. We both decided on the same hotdog and I also asked for a side of fries.. I went with the small but wish I’d gotten the large because they were so delicious. I don’t know how fried potato can be so amazing but it just is. These were especially good fries…

Anyway, back to the hotdog it was actually pretty incredible (as far as hot dogs are concerned) the bun was toasted but still nice and soft and then the bacon and cheese on top with grilled to bubbly melted perfection.. mmm. Although, it was a bit hard to get the quickly solidifying cheese off the paper so you could pick it up, it tasted like no hotdog I’ve had before and was just so much better.

Overall, I’m really glad we decided to make a last minute decision and try out Trunktown, I can see the beer garden being lovely by night and could imagine myself sitting out there after a few drinks when I cared less that my hair would smell like smoke in the morning.

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