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The Curse of Clothes Sizing

This week I received 2 packages that I’d bought from the US. I never know how long they’re going to take so it’s always exciting when they turn up.

One of the packages was from tshirt site Teefury where I bought my first ever Buffy shirt and a Doctor Who/Harry Potter mashup. I patiently waited for them to arrive, it took about 3 weeks. I ripped open the packaging pretty much as soon as I got through the door after work and tried them on and.. they were too small. Like, cutting off the circulation from my arms too small. Meanwhile, the previous order I made they fit just as expected. It’s so frustrating to buy the same size clothes from the same place and have them fit differently.

The second package was my Splendies subscription box, I’m going to write more of these in another post, which comes with 3 pairs of underwear. As I was ordering from the US I wasn’t sure of my size. I did a size comparison lookup and ordered the suggested size. One of the three pairs fits which is a bit disappointing but where these are concerned it’s to do with brand rather than inconsistency with size from Splendies themselves. As this was also my first box from Splendies I didn’t expect everything just to fit perfectly. Although, it was disappointing to find I’d paid for something I couldn’t yet wear – I’m working on losing weight at the moment so hopefully they can become future underwear.

I had another example today where I tried on a coat in a size up from my normal size because I find that coats seems to be a bit more restrictive than normal shirts but nope, not this time. It went down to my knees and hung over the ends of my fingers. I had to try on my normal size as well which fit fine, if a bit snug in the boob area – don’t get me started on clothes that fit fine everywhere except the boobs.

I don’t understand why these things happen! It’s so frustrating to go into a store and see a few things you like and have to choose 2 to 3 different sizes to try on and hope you don’t waste your time with a bunch of clothes that don’t fit. This is especially true for things like bras and jeans.. For me, I mostly buy those at Target now. Their sizing (for jeans and bras anyway) appears to be fairly consistent and generally if I get my size they will fit. That being said, with their shirts I can range from a size 14AU – 20AU depending on the style!

I’ve never understood why, especially now that buying clothes from many different suppliers and countries is so common, there isn’t just one size standard. Men’s sizing is done based on inches or centimetres, why can’t women’s clothes be the same? Who cares about vanity sizing or feeling like you’re smaller than you are because the label says so. Maybe we should focus on ease of buying clothes rather than a number that no one sees or cares about.

10 thoughts to “The Curse of Clothes Sizing”

  1. Don’t get me started on clothes shopping. Ugh. Not only are they quite ill-fitting, but women clothes especially drives me nuts! Like I was looking at women’s polo shirt, and I found a couple I liked, but the sleeves were too bloody short! Plus women’s jeans? Forget about them having decent sized pockets. Blarghhhhh! It’s things like that really makes me hate being a women >:( Even my dad was like, “Clearly, you were meant to be a guy.”

  2. It is really really really annoying. The only clothes I buy online are tees from Threadless, mainly because I have brought from them, and the sizes are the same, so I know what to expect there. I also feel the same with shoes. There are so many shoes I have seen that I really want, but I just know that the sizes would be all different and eh.

  3. THOSE SHIRTS ARE AWESOME. I LOVE THE REFERENCES. I was just reading a btvs inspired fanfic yesterday. I love receiving packages too! Gaaaaa I hate it when clothes or shoes don’t fit. The perils of online shopping! I’ve bought stuff from an online store ordering the same size shoes but depending on the model, it varies (and by a lot!). Bra shopping is the worst. I’m in a size of neither here or there. I’ve come to the point of try first then buy (unless the online clothing is really cheap or if I really want it, I buy one item to try out the sizing first!).

  4. That sucks that the clothes didn’t fit right. I don’t order clothes online because I like to be able to try them on first. I usually always take two or three sizes of the same thing with me into the changing room to see which one fits best.

  5. I feel you on clothes fitting everywhere except the boobs! I’m a little top-heavy, and I always have to wear a size up for my bust but then my waist is too loose. -.- I feel like retailers only cater to coat hangers.

  6. I wish I had that Doctor Who/Harry Potter t-shirt. It’s a shame I missed it :( I love Teefury’s shirts!

    That’s so annoying that the shirt didn’t fit, though! Did you manage to send it back and get a refund? Ugh, it’s so annoying when it comes to the boob area. And my hips/thighs too. I can only wear stretch jeans because my waist is small, but my thighs are quite big so they need to stretch or I’m not fitting in anything. SO annoying.

    The sizing thing annoys me, especially for women when they have things like ‘plus size’ – seriously? They’re all sizes. You don’t say plus size for bigger feet. Gosh.

    1. I didn’t send them back because I really want them :P Especially the buffy one. The problem with teefury is that if I were to go up a size the same thing would happen except the shirt would fit or be too big. It’s so frustrating.

      Also, the shirt is available on redbubble. It’s a bit more expensive though.

  7. I hate that too, that’s why I get men sizes for myself and that works well.I have problems in the chest area thanks to my extremely large breasts. It’s annoying. BLAH.

  8. Ugh. THAT is why I don’t like shopping for clothes online- the sizing isn’t consistent and you wouldn’t be able to see the product in person till you get it. (I still do it though because of limited clothes styles in my area).

    Shame you had to go through that though- the shirts you ordered are rad. D:

    I think it would just be better if they put sizes up by specific INCHES/CM, because the whole world is aware of how those measure.

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