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Weight Loss and Shirt Collection #1 – June

In a previous post I mentioned a few shirts I had bought and that seemed to interest a few people so I thought that I might have a monthly post on how I’m doing with eating more healthily, exercise and weight loss and integrate some of the shirts I own into that. At this point the idea is going to be giving a run down of the month week by week and the shirt I wore that week. I have many pop culture reference shirts but I don’t get much opportunity to show them to anyone.

The other part of this idea is that if I am able to keep up with the exercise and weight loss that by the end of my shirts (I would expect, at a rate of one shirt a week, I would have enough for about 6 months) I’ll be able to fit into all of them – including the ones I mentioned in the above post that are too tight right now. At this point the photos aren’t of me wearing the shirts but I suppose if there is enough interest in that I could do it that way instead.

June weekly update

This month I have been doing the Blogilates Beginners Calendar 2.0. I’ve completed this before and find it easy to keep up with exercising if I have the routine laid out for me.

Week 1

Doctor Who - 10 of Hearts by WinterArtwork
Doctor Who – 10 of Hearts by WinterArtwork

Teefury | Redbubble

This is part of one of my favourite collections of Doctor Who shirts. There is one to represent Nine – Twelve and Jarrod is lucky enough to have the entire set but I only have this one (Ten being my favourite doctor).

The first week of Blogilates was difficult mostly because I had to try and get it started as a routine. I did make it through every workout though and was quite happy I was able to do that.

Week 2

Amazon Wonder Woman shirt by Tim Shumate
Amazon Wonder Woman shirt by Tim Shumate

Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere selling this shirt right now. I suppose there is a chance Tim Shumate was forced to take it down. So it makes me even luckier to own it. Tim Shumate has an amazing style and I’m lucky enough to own 3 shirts with his designs.

Week 2 I skipped a days exercise, I can’t even remember why now but although the calendar is the ‘beginners’ calendar it is still 6 days a week and sometimes you just need a break. I’m finding it more difficult to keep my eating on track at this point. I am an emotional eater and will use any excuse to have a delicious snack so I’m trying to curb that and reduce the amount of high calorie snacking I’m doing. I used to eat icecream multiple times a week and I’ve reduced that to once a week or so.

Week 3

Waiting for Loves True Kiss by Tim Shumate
Waiting for Loves True Kiss by Tim Shumate

Teefury | Redbubble

Another Tim Shumate design. I have always loved the Snow White story (I’m not sure why) and love this pinup style design of her. This is one of my favourite shirts and I’m a bit sad that, if I go ahead with wearing a new shirt each week, that I won’t be wearing this one again for months.

Week 3 I ended up losing 1kg which is pretty much all I lost the entire month, I am happy to see I am getting stronger though. I just need to keep working on the snacking. Unfortunately, the end of week 3 was when I had a massive lunch followed by a massive dinner and a massive dessert so it didn’t give week 4 much to work with.

Week 4

We Were Framed Doctor Who shirt by OneBluebird
We Were Framed Doctor Who shirt by Onebluebird

Teefury | Redbubble

This is one of my favourite shirts. Fortunately (for me), it was one of the first ones Jarrod bought and he bought it in a men’s medium which turned out to be too small for him but fit me perfectly! I did, however, lend it to a friend who put it in the dryer and shrunk it slightly so it is a bit snug but still fits well. I did notice a hole in the underarm I’ll have to fix up though (I probably won’t, I’m so lazy).

Week 4 for exercise and health and fitness was a hard one. I feel like at some point this week my brain just switched off and made life hard for me. I was forgetful (which ended up in my leaving 2 bags behind, one of which Jarrod was able to get for me and the other someone who caught the bus probably now “owns”) and annoyed and just wanted to give up. I did 5 out of the 6 days even though I had a headache for most of the days this week. I did snack on a lot of food this week though which didn’t assist in weight loss (if only) at all.


So, that’s it for the month of June. I was hoping I wouldn’t have multiple Doctor Who shirts in the month but I just can’t help myself apparently :) They do make up quite a high amount of the shirts I own.. in fact, week one of July is another one!

Next month I will probably write these out week by week (I only had this plan late in the month for June) so can provide more detail of how the health side of things went.

2 thoughts to “Weight Loss and Shirt Collection #1 – June”

  1. Good luck with your weight loss regime! Those are some nice t-shirts, btw. Love the Dr Who one, even though I’m not really a Dr Who fan! XD I’ll have to show that shirt to a co-worker, whose little sister has got into Dr Who recently :)

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