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Beef Burger with aioli, tomato relish, bacon, grilled onion, cheese, beetroot, tomato and lettuce ($13.90)

Review: Praga Cafe, Dickson

Praga is a cafe that Jarrod and I used to go to fairly often when we lived in Dickson. They make mega sized shakes for quite a good price plus they have a fairly extensive menu. It had been a while (about a year) since we had been there last so we decided to go back and see if those shakes were as good as we remembered. It was quite a cold day but fortunately there was plenty of seating indoors.

Chocolate Thickshake ($6)
Chocolate Thickshake ($6)

As always, we start with the shakes. These are huge shakes and full of icecream, they’re so cold that the outside of the cups start frosting up. Not great for a super cold day but, luckily, we’re indoors and can handle it. Chocolatey, icecreamy amazing and quite well priced for the size of them. Yes, they were just as we remembered!

Chicken Schnitzel Burger with Chorizo, Mushrooms and Aioli ($12.90)
Chicken Schnitzel Burger with Chorizo, Mushrooms and Aioli ($12.90)

They had a variety of chicken schnitzel burgers on special the day we went and the combination of chicken, mushroom and chorizo called out to me so I decided to give it a go. It was also served with a generous portion of crispy chips too but I had devoured them before taking this photo. The burger came with a nice herby bun and wasn’t overloaded with aioli which is how I like it.The schnitzel was made with breast meat and was nice and crunchy, if a bit greasy. The chorizo was more on the hot side than I like but still tasty and the mushroom were nice and soft and went well in the burger. It was quite a big serve though (I basically filled up on chips) and I had to, sadly, leave some of my burger behind.

 Beef Burger with aioli, tomato relish, bacon, grilled onion, cheese, beetroot, tomato and lettuce ($13.90)

Beef Burger with aioli, tomato relish, bacon, grilled onion, cheese, beetroot, tomato and lettuce ($13.90)

This is basically your standard burger with the lot. For some reason, in Canberra at least, a burger with the lot very rarely comes with both beetroot and pineapple but usually one or the other, which is also the case here. I love both on a burger though and, if I remember, will ask for whatever is missing to be added. This burger also doesn’t come with the usual egg that a burger with the lot would normally.

Jarrod opted for this beef burger which also came with a good serve of herbed chips but the burger came on a sesame seed bun instead. Jarrod enjoyed the burger and had the same issue as me of filling up on the tasty chips, although he made a triumphant effort and got through the entire burger.

Praga was basically how we remember with many of the same people (I assume the family as it is a family run business) still working there as the last time we went. The service is friendly and the food is brought up relatively quickly.

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6 thoughts to “Review: Praga Cafe, Dickson”

  1. Oh, yum. It’s so hot here, so that milkshake would be something I’d be nabbing right about now . . . as long as I drink it at home, haha! :( Being lactose-intolerant means milkshakes can be my worse enemy.

    That chicken schnitzel looks so good. YUM. I’d totally go for that about now. I didn’t have lunch, so I’m hungry!

  2. That is really cool that it was much the same and that you enjoyed it. The shakes look so awesome, and thankfully you were indoors! :D

  3. Everything looks so good, especially the chocolate thickshakes! Those would hit the spot in my side of the world. :D It’s been hot here!

  4. Holy yummy stuff, batman. Lol

    That looks great. I too, like to eat things out of season, and people think I’m weird. Glad it was something you enjoyed and loved, and it was like you remembered it!

  5. Ooh, that looks seriously delicious! Especially the chicken burger!
    And those milkshakes… :9 Personally, I’ve never understood why people stop eating ice cream just because the weather’s cold. It can be -30°C outside and I’ll still be craving ice cream and milkshakes. Maybe I’m not wired right, haha!

  6. I just finished dinner and seeing your post made me hungry again. O_O I will be heading back to the kitchen after posting this.

    I’d really like to have that Chocolate Thickshake now even if it’s freezing here. And those burgers! Wow do they look delicious! I think I’d especially go for the Chicken Schnitzel one.

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