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When your ‘go-to’ food place closes down

It was about 3 weeks ago when I noticed the sign go up on our go-to cafe’s windows stating they’d be closing down for 3 months due to expansion works at our local shopping centre. I wondered what would happen to the people that work there, especially the nice girl with the tattoo on her hand. Would she ever serve us again and treat us like friends without ever knowing our names?

Today, the day had come, we walked in and, as fate would have it, our favourite booth was empty so we hastily sat down so no one could steal it, and this last visit away from us. We looked carefully at the menu not knowing what to choose. What do you choose when you know you’ll never eat any of it again, or at least for a few months? Do you go with the Bacon and Egg Roll with a shake, the meal you had the very first visit that made you keep coming back or be daring and try something new? There were so many things we never had the chance to eat because we always thought they’d be there to try ‘next time’.

Finally we had decided, Chocolate thickshakes (obviously), the Beef Bulgogi burger for Jarrod and French Toast for me. This place was, after all, the place that I ate my very first French Toast and realised that maple syrup covered bacon was actually amazing and not weird at all.

I went to the counter to order and the girl with the tattoo (whose name we never knew either) took our last order. She asked how I’d been and would I still visit when they opened up at their new location in October? It was goodbye, for now. It felt so strange to be sad to say goodbye to this person who I didn’t know anything about but who I may never see again.

I went back to our table and we talked about the things we would miss (the shakes) and wouldn’t miss (the amount of kids that were always there) about the place and pondered whether they’d have the same comfy booths in their new locations but assumed not. I just hope they don’t have milk crate chairs as is the weird current trend – my bum can’t handle that!

After taking the last slurp from our chocolate shakes, we finished up our meal, slid out of the booth and walked out the door for the very last time.

6 thoughts to “When your ‘go-to’ food place closes down”

  1. Oh gosh, this post brought me to tears because there was this breakfast spot my dad took my sister and I to for the first time in our lives when we were around 7 years old that is no longer there anymore. I always remember it when I drive by but it has been replaced with a Tea Lounge! Although for your ‘go-to’ spot, I hope that when it re-opens it, it is as good as you remember it or even BETTER! :)

  2. That sounds like one of the worst things in the world! If any of my go-to places (not just food, even to hand out) closed down I would be devastated, especially since I get attached to places with many memories. Thank goodness, though it is reopening. And hopefully they keep a few of the same menu items. You will have to see what opens in its place, once they move.

  3. :( What a shame. Hopefully the new location will be really good and similar (or better) to how it is now. It would be a strange feeling when somewhere that you really like closes or moves.

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