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Awesome Gravity Falls Cushion

Happy Birthday to Me

This week I turned 32. Initially I wanted to plan all these things but as the day got closer and closer, I got lazier and lazier. I was starting to feel old and less interested in doing thing. In the end I went to work and then Jarrod and I went to dinner with my Mum and her partner.

Awesome Gravity Falls Cushion
Awesome Gravity Falls Cushion

Although I didn’t do too much celebrating it wasn’t a bad day. I woke up and Jarrod sent me on a hunt down stairs to find the presents he had gotten me. The first thing I noticed was a Gravity Falls cushion that I’d seen on RedBubble a few times. I hadn’t bought it yet because I was still annoyed that the seller jacked up the price when RedBubble had 20% off and out of principle never bought it. At least Jarrod isn’t as stubborn as me because it is pretty neat!

He also bought me a new Space Unicorns bag which, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I accidentally left my old one on the bus and whoever found it decided they’d prefer to keep it more than they wanted to give it back.

Hopefully, I don’t lose this one somewhere and have it become the cursed unicorns.

Lastly, he got me some delicious drinking chocolate from Max Brenner, which I promptly opened and decided to use in Hot Chocolate for breakfast. It smells amazing and I sort of want to eat it all out of the tin.

The weather forecast for the day mentioned frost, sun, clouds, rain, a thunderstorm and hail but at no point did it mention snow, but snow it did. It very rarely snows here and it is probably the only time in recorded history that is snowed on August 12 so, while I don’t particularly like snow, I can say something special happened on the day.

Snow at the Dinosaur Museum
Dinosaurs Frolicking in the snow!

At work we were debating whether it was snow or sleet and I was firmly on the sleet side but apparently, according to a meteorologist somewhere, it was deemed snow. I wasn’t able to get a decent photo and I doubt anything I could have taken would have topped Dinosaurs in Snow! The Dinosaur Museum reported an Ice Age after the snow – so silly but cool photos!

After work it came time to go to dinner! If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know I have a bit of an obsession with Caffe Cherry Beans and decided to go there for dinner. I had been eyeing off their Korean Fried Chicken and decided my birthday was the night.

Korean Fried Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken

I asked for the half serve and, a bit concerned I wouldn’t have enough food, confirmed half size would be a decent amount of food. I didn’t know what to expect but I can guarantee you it wasn’t half a chicken in deep fried goodness! Luckily I didn’t decide I needed the full serve because who knows how big the plate would have been. The batter was crispy and flavoursome and awesome and definitely a good choice. And yes, I nearly finished it! I left one piece because I wanted to make sure I could fit in our free waffle! Instead of cake, I decided waffle was fine as I basically had a week of cake with morning teas at work.

After dinner Jarrod and I huddled together and went out into the cold and rushed to the car and drove home and then sat in a food coma until bed.

Although it was sort of just a standard day (but with presents and delicious food!) it was a decent day overall.


5 thoughts to “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. Yum @ the Korean fried chicken XD You should so come to Korea. There are so many chicken joints here that your head will spin XD

    Anyway, happy birthday again! I am not all gung-ho about my own birthday either now. In fact, I only want my birthday to be a day off so I can enjoy it my own way XD

  2. Happy (late) birthday!

    That pillow looks cool, I love RedBubble, I got Jared a T-shirt from there once, postage was slow but it’s pretty good quality!

    That chicken looks amazing! ! It snowed here breifly too last Sunday, but it didn’t settle. Such disappointment!!

    1. We’re lucky here because RedBubble manufacturers some of their stuff in Australia so it is pretty quick. Too bad they charge in USD though :(

  3. I am glad that it turned out to be a good day and wasn’t overwhelming! :) That is so cool that you got that cushion and the bag was replaced!! It was such a shame when you lost it. Awesome now that you have it again, woo. It’s really cool that you had proper snow, I know how rarely it happens there, so that is an added cool thing. :D

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