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Chocolate Profiterole Mousse ($9.50)

Review: La Sable, Mitchell

I have been hearing about La Sable for months now and how amazing their cakes are but I had never had an opportunity to go. Unfortunately, their opening hours don’t fit in well with my awake hours, that is they close at 2PM on a Saturday and by 1PM on a Saturday I’ve usually only just had breakfast let alone thinking about cake.

La Sable Cake Window
La Sable Cake Window

I didn’t have cake on my birthday (I had far too much cake that week and my birthday involved waffles instead) we decided we could have a belated birthday cake from La Sable and headed over there at about midday on Saturday. There were a lot more people there than expected and, given the price of the cakes, there were definitely a lot more kids than I expected. The families that were there must have spent quite a bit on their outing to La Sable with most of the individual cakes being priced at $9.50.

Chocolate Profiterole Mousse ($9.50)
Chocolate Profiterole Mousse ($9.50)

There was quite a range of cakes available but only one really caught my (and Jarrod’s) eye, this delicious Chocolate Profiterole Mousse cake. It had a small layer of chocolate cake on the base with a rich and creamy chocolate mousse, topped with a light and airy profiterole. I’m not a huge fan of profiteroles but the chocolate mousse called out to me enough to choose it… it also happened to be the most chocolate based cake they had (one looked chocolatey, but alas – for our non coffee enjoying selves – it was mocha).

Vanilla mousse and Salted Caramel Slice ($9.50)
Vanilla mousse and Salted Caramel Slice ($9.50)

Jarrod wanted to get something different (even though he really wanted the profiterole one) so that we would have a bit of variety and went with this Vanilla slice topped brownie with a salted caramel mousse on top. At least that is what we think it was, there was no label on this one and the person serving us didn’t know what it was called and took a guess at what was in it. It was also very good, the vanilla section had a texture somewhat like cheesecake and the mousse was nice and airy as well. Overall another good (mystery) choice.

We also ordered chocolate milkshakes with our cakes which took so long to come out that we had already finished our cakes by the time we received them. The waiter apologised for the wait and arranged for them to be takeaway so we could leave with them. Unfortunately, given La Sable is a Patisserie and Chocolaterie, they were quite disappointing and didn’t have much of a chocolate flavour at all. For the most part they were just a lot of bubbles.

La Sable Shopfront
La Sable Shopfront

Overall, the cakes were presented amazingly and tasted excellent however next time I would probably get them takeaway and eat them at home. They are quite pricey (the full size cakes that were on display ranged from $45 – $60) for cakes though so I’d most likely only be going there for special occasions.

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7 thoughts to “Review: La Sable, Mitchell”

  1. WOW!the food looks amazing!! good enough to make my mouth water! :)) I think its good to try out new restaurants, makes you feel so proud of your decision when it turned out sooo good :>

  2. That’s quite pricey, but yeah, at least some of the desserts were good but I can understand it not being worth it in the end. I think you gave it a fair score.

  3. That’s quite a lot for a slice of cake, I understand why going there would be reserved for special occasions only, but they do look very good! And it’s always fun to try new things, right? :)
    Happy belated birthday too!

    (Btw, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog if you’re interested!)

  4. I could use a bite out of everything! They all look so good. :D Closing on a Saturday sounds odd though. I’d definitely miss their store hours if it was me. XD

  5. Those food look sooo delicious! I know I can always count on your blog for mouth-watering food photos.

    It’s weird they close on Saturday though. Isn’t that the day when people usually go out to eat?

    1. I’m not really sure, it might be because of the location. They’re in a industrial area (who knows why) so there isn’t anyone around after that time.
      Their reputation means people do visit from further away though so who knows what the actual reason is.

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