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My Favourite Things – August 2015

My Favourite Things
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It’s time for the August edition of “My Favourite Things”. A linkup which is usually hosted by Raisa and Eirene but this month is being hosted by Tara!

I don’t have a theme for this month other than maybe ‘August Birthday Month’ but I probably won’t stick with that.

Although, that being said, it was my birthday! I got a bunch of cool stuff and went out to dinner and ate a whole chicken’s worth of Fried Korean Chicken. Yum! I also had about 5 different types of cake over the course of a week.

On the same day I had a chat/interview about potentially moving into a new role at work and getting my contract renewed and they said yes! I started transitioning into a new role on the 1st of September and hope I do well there. It’s nice to finally feel appreciated from management… this basically never happens for me in the workplace.

My Beautiful Colouring Book
My Beautiful Colouring Book

I finally decided to buy an adults colouring book in August and it came on the 31st! There are some lovely pages and it’s quite compact and easy to carry around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pencils the day I bought it so couldn’t start my colouring in August. More about that in September I’m sure!

Maxwell and WIlliams White Basics Diamond Dinner Set
Maxwell and WIlliams White Basics Diamond Dinner Set

At the end of the month, one of my dinner plates cracked while in the microwave. I didn’t even realise it was possible but apparently it is caused by a small crack in the plate being filled with water and that water expanding, causing it to crack properly.

I really like the plates and was pretty sad to have one of them ruined by 90 seconds in the microwave. I decided to contact the company and see if they were able to send me out a replacement so I’d have a full set again. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to because the set I bought was discontinued so… they offered me a full new set of my choosing from their website! I decided on the above Square Diamond Set that retails for $160… I was so surprised! I never thought that would have been the response. They didn’t even ask me for proof of purchase or photos of the broken plate to prove I hadn’t just dropped it. Pretty amazing service.

That’s about all I have for August, in between there were trips to Cherry Beans Caffe, Goodberrys, cartons of Ben and Jerry’s to eat and episodes of Gravity Falls and Rick And Morty to enjoy!

10 thoughts to “My Favourite Things – August 2015”

  1. I hope that everything goes really well with the new role at work!

    That colouring book looks so nice! Now that you have the pencils you can get loose. Inside the lines! :P

    That is so awesome that you got a full replacement set! There must have been a fault with that line if they were so willing to offer a full replacement without evidence, that so rarely happens. I love the set you picked out! :D

  2. Good luck with your new position at work! :D

    And that colouring book looks AWESOME! I can’t wait to see the pages and how you colour them! I’m now thinking about getting adult colouring books, too! ^^

  3. Hurray for “My Favorite Things”! Happy belated birthday! I hope yo enjoyed your time :). The food from dinner sounds delicious and it’s awesome to eat so many different types of cake XD.

    Congratulations on getting a new role at work! It’s always good to be recognized by management; which helps a lot with employee motivation and decrease the turnover rate. Your coloring book looks awesome, hope you’ll color as much as you could :D.

    It’s a bummer when your dinnerware breaks :(. I know some ceramic plates don’t do good in microwaves. I remembered my IKEA plates were not microwave safe XD.

    Hope you’ll enjoy your September!

  4. Congrats and good luck on the new role at work! I miss coloring books, and I love the idea of adult ones. The Japan one you got looks pretty!

    That’s great that the company offered a new set of your choosing. Love the design of the square diamond set!

  5. Korean Fried Chicken <3

    Congratulations and good luck with your new position! :)

    Those adult coloring books are everywhere nowadays! :) But I'm happy about it because it lets people unleash their inner kid and lets them get creative at the same time. Looking forward to seeing what you color. Spread the art love <3

  6. I used to colour in well into my 20s, until I had kids and they nicked my pens/colouring books! :S I bought some supplies especially for me a while back though, and then promptly forgot all about them til about a month ago. Now they’re just sat, waiting for me to have the time to do some colouring in, haha.

    AND, holy crap that is awesome customer service! Compared to some companies who make you jump through a million hoops just to get the most basic refund or replacement, that is amazing!

  7. I hope everything goes well for you with work.

    I have to look up that coloring book. I just want to see what kind of pictures are in it because I have a feeling some of them may make great tattoos.

    I love the dishes. I have a habit of going to second hand stores and buying one or two plates that don’t match. I’m trying to find a whole set of 50’s style dishes and so far no luck.

  8. Happy August Birthday month! Congratulations on your new role in work, that must be so exciting! It’s always nice to be appreciated too, I’m sure you’ll do well!
    The colouring book looks lovely. I’ve seen many books like this but I haven’t bought one yet, I might do to take to work with me! How nice of the company to offer you a whole new dinner set – that is amazing customer service! You’ve picked a lovely set too, it looks wonderful!

  9. Belated happy birthday and congratulations on your work! :D

    I love those coloring books! I got one for my birthday a while back ago and I love it! I like to leave it on our coffee table for when people come over with a note that says, “Choose a page, draw, then sign and date it!” next to a cup of coloring pencils. Every once in a while, I’ll flip through it and it’s been fun finding new drawings in it XD

  10. Happy birthday! :D Congratulations on your new work role too! That sounds super exciting. :D

    That dinner set looks so nice! I’ve been thinking of getting a new one myself. I’d like a complete tea set too. XD

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