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Goodbye Google Reader!

Timeless Thoughts #1: Google Reader

Timeless Thoughts - Click to join the link up!
Timeless Thoughts – Click to join the link up!

Timeless Thoughts is a monthly blog linkup hosted by Tara and Georgie where each month you discuss something you miss or are feeling nostalgic about.

This month my Timeless Thoughts go to Google Reader. It has been gone for more than 2 years now but every day I look at my RSS reader (BlogLovin) I sigh and wish I still had Google Reader.

Goodbye Google Reader!
Goodbye Google Reader!

I was so surprised when it was announced that Google would be shutting down Google Reader, I couldn’t understand why they would do that. Nearly everyone I knew used and liked it. What were we going to do now that it was disappearing?

Suddenly, many little known alternatives started popping up claiming they wanted to take us all in and we were able to bring our feeds with us. At the time I decided to choose Feedly because it was so sleek and clean and looked great on my iPad. Slowly, the bugs started appearing and it wouldn’t sync posts properly, it was marking things as read that I hadn’t read.. it wasn’t loading correctly and I ended up deciding to move over to BlogLovin and give them a try.

Initially it was decent, I could view my feed online as well as through their iPad app and, other than an annoying image issue (they seemed to have issues with large sized images is peoples posts and wouldn’t show them at all.. and the support for it was abysmal), did everything I needed. But then, the bugs started appearing. They did a large update and made it worse – one update only let you use the app in portrait and not landscape, that was rectified pretty quickly – the image quality is terrible now and you have to go to the website to see it them in full quality. The website frame is incredibly annoying, the scrolling is not smooth and you can accidentally mark everything as read by using the scroll on your mouse.

I find myself endlessly frustrated with it and wishing for the simple times of Google Reader again. It found feeds, it found new posts and it displayed them without issue. I never knew finding something on the same level would be so difficult.

If you use an RSS reader, which one and what do you like/dislike about it?

14 thoughts to “Timeless Thoughts #1: Google Reader”

  1. I missed Google Reader because I was only just starting to get the hang of it. I can’t believe it has been so long since it was gone. :( I remember so many people being sad about it because it was the feed reader to be using. I used for a while since I have it connected to my blog via Jetpack, but it wasn’t the same.

    I used to subscribe to blogs via email. It just grabs the post content from the RSS feed, so it seems to work alright half the time even though the emails have Blogtrottr ads in them.

    Now I use Bloglovin most of the time and get a daily email digest which allows me to keep up to date with my favourite blogs. I use it as well as subscribing to some WordPress blogs. It’s just nice to get emails about new blog posts because I am usually on top of my inbox. I prefer that to having a tab open with new posts. I don’t use the Bloglovin app but I am so sick of them promoting the same popular blogs all the time. :|

    1. Yes! The stuff they promote are blogs that are already very popular and that ‘new’ style blog that seems to be in these days.
      It also seems like they’ve increased their emails about blog posts to read. I think it was only once a week and now it seems to be nearly every day.

  2. Girl, I miss Google Reader, too, but I find Feedly working out well for me. So I’m glad I have that as an alternative, but nothing beats Google Reader at all! I wish they would bring it back! It was the best RSS reader ever :( I, too, was surprised by them closing it. It seemed successful to me, so I have to wonder why they removed it. :(

    And thanks for participating in our linkup! Of course, if you hadn’t suggested it, it wouldn’t have been born, so thanks again! ^^

  3. Wow, I can’t believe Google shut down its reader app! I wonder what made them turn into that decision. I’ve heard of Feedly before, but I never caught into the trend @[email protected] It’s so bad when the competitor of an app can’t give a better functionality.

    I use Bloglovin and subscribe to blogs for my main feed. It helps me keep track of who’s post I missed or need to keep up with. Sometimes, I feel adventurous and want to read more blogs that’s outside my follow list, which the function is provided. The only bad thing is that Bloglovin is trying too hard these days and limit the amount of blogs displayed (unless it’s just me) ;~;.

  4. I never used Google Reader, but I know a lot of people did and having it made a lot of sense. I couldn’t understand why it was being closed but I guess they had some reasons. It’s annoying when something you really like it cancelled. :(

    I still use Feedly. I was on Bloglovin for a while, but switched. xD

  5. I don’t use RSS readers, I prefer to just visit the blogs. I’ve always thought what a waste of time to design a blog site when people just see a reader anyway. I use Bloglovin to some extent but I really think the site sucks. I still visit people’s blogs to see new posts.
    Regarding Google reader, I can’t understand why they didn’t close GFC too, which was closely related to the reader. Now it’s just a list of people who clicked a button but those people have no use for it really…
    I can understand the convenience of receiving new posts by e-mail though. Some people want it that way. Maybe I’ll look into some solutions if I get more readers to the blog.

  6. I was definitely bummed to see Google Reader go because I’ve been using it for so long. It served its purpose for me, and I was glad to at least have a decent alternative, but I still miss the simplicity and minimalism offered by Google Reader.

    I think there was another feed reader that was supposed to replace Google’s called “The Old Reader.” I used it after awhile, but then I switched to Feedly.

  7. I could never get used to Feedly. I tried it, but I didn’t like it. There is a way to remove the Bloglovin’ bar, but… I don’t remember how I did it. :(

    Google’s feed reader was nice and simple, and… blah. I keep up with blogs by reading the actual posts these days, because nothing I’ve used had stuck with me. Mozilla Thunderbird has an RSS reader addon/plugin that words okay, but it lags, and/or doesn’t bring in new feeds properly, and Thunderbird has been a pain to open for the past year, so… there went that. >.>

  8. I’ve never used Google Reader for anything, but I have heard of it. But from these comments, it seemed like it was loved and did what it set out to do. Oh well, at least there it was for a short period of time.

  9. I used to use Google Reader! I liked that it was simple and just worked the way it was supposed to. I’m using Bloglovin now, but like you mentioned, it’s often filled with bugs. It surprised me too when it was announced that Google Reader was closing!

  10. Google Reader was so perfect in its simplicity. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, no more, no less. When they shut it down I ended up on Feedly, which I still use. Feedly has been working well for me so far, and I’m sure all the extra features are great for some people, but I too miss Google Reader.

    Bloglovin’ is something I’ve never been able to get into. The site looks pretty at first glance, but feels bulky and slow and overly complicated to use. And that annoying frame… ugh.

  11. I use Feedly now. I don’t think I’ve used Google Reader. I used another RSS reader whose name escapes me. Gaah, it was very old! I hear so many good things about Google Reader though. It must’ve been awesome. :D

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