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Mars Bar Cheesecake ($7.50)

Review: Via Dolce, City

Last weekend Jarrod decided to take me out for breakfast (well, brunch.. we’re not really usually awake for what most would consider breakfast) in the city. We didn’t have a plan and figured we could wander down Bunda St and see what it could offer. Initially, we were opting towards Dobinsons but Jarrod didn’t want something traditionally breakfast like (it was about 11:30 by this point) or burgers which pretty much ruled out Dobinsons, unless we wanted to sample their range of cake.. which we probably could have done.

Via Dolce inside - all the delicious cakes!
Via Dolce inside – all the delicious cakes!

In the end we decided to take a walk past Via Dolce and see if anything took our fancy. And while the photo above shows a delicious array of cakes, it isn’t why we decided to eat here. It was their woodfired pizza!

Salsiccia & Patate Woodfired Pizza - Tomato base, mozzarella, Italian Style pork sausage, thinly sliced potatoes, rosemary - $16.90
Salsiccia & Patate Woodfired Pizza – Tomato base, mozzarella, Italian Style pork sausage, thinly sliced potatoes, rosemary ($16.90)

We have been once before and loved the pizza crust so much I knew we’d be back one day. Their menu has changed (the menu on their website is actually old..) and I don’t believe this pizza was on it last time. I think I would have noticed. I love potato on a pizza and I won’t say no to Italian Sausage so this was perfect! The crust was a bit crunchy but mostly nice and chewy, the potatoes soft and the italian sausage slightly spicy. It was delicious and I wish we’d bought more than one!

Chocolate Milkshake ($8)
Chocolate Milkshake ($8)

To quench our thirst we also ordered some chocolate milkshakes. These are quite decent milkshakes with a more darker tasting chocolate than your usual shake and they have chocolate gelato in them but for $8 I’d expect fantastic. I really enjoy them, perhaps one of my favourite milkshakes, but I don’t know that any milkshake is worth $8, that is usually the pricier end for a thick shake let alone a milkshake.

Via Dolce's Cake Display
Via Dolce’s Cake Display

While waiting for the pizza to come out (and it did take longer than I expected) I couldn’t help taking a look over at the cake display. I wanted to try all of these mousses and pretty much everything they had in the cabinet. Everything looked quite amazing.

Mars Bar Cheesecake ($7.50)
Mars Bar Cheesecake ($7.50)

After we had finished our pizza we decided we couldn’t leave without trying one of those cakes and I’d seen the Mars Bar cheesecake going out to another eager customer while we were waiting for our pizza. It was really great cheesecake, I much prefer baked cheesecake and this had a deliciously creamy texture with a bit of chocolate ganache, caramel and a mini slice of Mars Bar on top. Mmm, divine. As we were eating this though, someone at a nearby table got an amazing looking piece of chocolatey deliciousness, unfortunately I have no idea what it was otherwise I probably would have bought a piece of that too.

I enjoyed our visit to Via Dolce, I am not too sure how often I’d go back for the pizza. It tasted great but their selection isn’t for me, however I’d definitely go back for another slice of cake and to try some of their gelato options.

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6 thoughts to “Review: Via Dolce, City”

  1. MMMMMM. *_*

    The pizza, milkshake, and cake look super delicious. Now I really want some milkshakes, but that’s a huge no-no for my stomach :( Darn my lactose-intolerance!

  2. Omg the cakes… and the milkshakes. Mars Bar cheesecake sounds delicious, I’ve never heard of it before.

    Ugh, I should NOT have looked at this post, now I have mad cravings for chocolate cake, haha! ;)

  3. Wow that food looks lovely! I’d love the Mars bar cheesecake, especially – and I’d have wanted to eat everything in that cabinet too. And pizzas pretty much my favourite food so that would have been perfect for me.

    That’s expensive for a milkshake, though I think they’re overpriced generally.

  4. Wow. That looks like cake heaven to me. No, I’m sorry, I meant dessert heaven *-* I have a thing with desserts, please excuse me, haha!

    The pizza looks delicious! Now that I think about it, I don’t recall ever having potatoes on my pizza before…. now that might be something I have to try. :) I wouldn’t pass up Italian sausages on pizza either!

    Good call on the cake ^-^ Pizza is good, but pizza /and/ cake? Even better! Glad you enjoyed your visit! It looks like you have a lot to choose from when you’re back next :D

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