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My Favourite Things – November 2015

Click on the image to see who else is participating this month
Click on the image to see who else is participating this month

It’s time for the November edition of “My Favourite Things”. A linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene where you post about something you enjoyed in the previous month.

This month I’m going to be showcasing some instagrammers that I recently started following and really love. For some reason in the past 2 months or so I’ve found some really interesting accounts and hope you like them too.

Tanaka Tatsuya does some amazing miniature photography and adds a new photo each day. I particularly love this set because The Matrix one in the middle which I’m pretty sure he called The Matrix. His miniatures are made from common every day objects that he turns into something else. One day there was a blue stapler that he made look like a whale! It was pretty cute.

Alexmdc is an awesome illustrator that does wacky little series of pictures (among other things). I’m really enjoying his current one (pictured above left and right) called #IconsUnmasked which, as you can see above has a ‘famous icon’ who has taken off their mask to reveal they’re actually someone else. I had to giggle a little at The Count being what is behind the mask of Edward.

Mari Johnson recently embarked on a solo travel to Asia (I think she will be going to other continents too but for now she’s travelling around Asia) and vlogs her travels on her YouTube channel. She has been visiting some amazingly beautiful places (I especially like the little igloo style hotel in the above left photo) and has given me wanderlust like I’ve never felt before. And I don’t even own a passport! She has a lovely personality and tends to try and go to less touristy places and I just really enjoy watching her videos and seeing new photos on instagram.

Violent_Crumble (or Shane Thoms) is an urban explorer, mostly of abandoned (or disused space in his words) buildings and areas. Most of the time that I’ve been following him he has been based in Japan and has found some amazing, and haunting, places which make you wonder what life used to be like in those places. I love seeing the history of places and how, in most cases, the environment has taken over again.


And finally, UniverseToday who feature peoples Astrophotography photos. I really enjoy seeing what people take photos of and in a lot of cases they tell you how they took it and what equipment they used. A lot of the time people get annoyed with the light pollution that ended up in their photos but I enjoy how it enhances or changes them. It’s also interesting to read about what you’re actually seeing in the photo and, in some instances, just how very far away those things are.

Hopefully you’ve found something new that you think you might enjoy too and if not, there’s alway my Instagram! Which is nothing like any of these accounts and mostly includes food and sunsets.

8 thoughts to “My Favourite Things – November 2015”

  1. Ooooh, these Instagram accounts look so awesome! Tatsuya Tanaka’s instagram is the one that I’m drawn to the most. Thanks for sharing these! I’m pretty excited to go check these accounts out!

  2. I’m gonna check these accounts out! My favorite is (was T_T) Socality Barbie which perfectly parodied the overly filtered Instagram feeds I see everywhere.

  3. These are some nice accounts! Thanks for sharing them. It’s always amazing just what people can do with photography and other artistic medium!

  4. Miniature photography is awesome! Especially since people have some awesome techniques when it comes to making the action figures do a certain pose and having to withstand it until the picture is taken (if there’s a unique pose). Alexmdc’s eyeball art looks so real! Love the detail given into the retina.

    It’s amazing when people take pictures of different places in the world and share them. The igloo-styled hotel looks very neat.

    I’ve always wondered how people took pictures of the universe that is very finely detailed. It helps when they’re not in the city where the lights are overtaking the sky.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thank you for sharing those accounts are awesome. I especially love the first one for Tanaka Tatsuya! The miniature photography is so creative and amazing!

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