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Crace is a suburb that gets complained about a lot. People will say the blocks of land are too small and the houses are too big, there’s no backyards and no space to do anything. What these people fail to mention is that Crace has some nice ovals, open spaces, a good community and some excellent local shops. I am immensely jealous of the range of shops they have and the choice keeps expanding.

A few weeks ago, Jarrod and I decided to go out to Crace and try a relatively new restaurant/bar/cafe called The Drawing Room. I’d heard it could get quite busy but fortunately, when we went it was fairly quiet. We had gone at the cusp between brunch ending and lunch beginning so that might be able to explain it.

Oreo Shake ($6) and freshly made juice ($6.50)
Oreo Shake ($6) and freshly made juice ($6.50)

First, we decided on our drinks. Jarrod went with our standard route and tried the Oreo shake. It was a delicious shake but lacked a good amount of icecream and was warmer than you’d like a shake to be. Good thing it tasted like a great cookie shake should. I decided to go for something a little bit different (for us) and ordered a juice, up to 3 flavours costs $6.50 and I went with apple, pineapple and watermelon. It was pretty great but quite tart so might not be for everyone.

Lemon chicken, semi dried tomato pesto, buffalo mozzarella on Soy and Linseed bread. ($13)
Lemon chicken, semi dried tomato pesto, buffalo mozzarella on Soy and Linseed bread. ($13)

Initially I went there hoping to try the french toast but they had sold out for the day (it has been listed as one of the best breakfasts in Canberra, so that might be why) by the time we got there so I went with my second choice, the Chicken Toastie. I am not usually the kind of person who will go out somewhere and buy a toasted sandwich because I can always make them at home but I’m glad I tried this one. The bread was amazing, quite dense and the seeds made for a different flavour and texture to your usual white bread. There wasn’t much lemon flavour to the chicken but it might be because the pesto overpowered it. Not that it’s a bad thing, the pesto was very tasty and overall I was pretty happy with my choice.

Beef Burger - Wagyu beef pattie with lettuce, tomato, gouda, chutney, bacon and aioli ($19)
Beef Burger – Wagyu beef pattie with lettuce, tomato, gouda, chutney, bacon and aioli ($19)

Jarrod went with the burger. I also considered it but like to get a variety of options when deciding to blog post a restaurant so I lived vicariously through him. He enjoyed the burger and the chips were also great.. especially with the little pot of tomato sauce. We also read a bit of the fake newspaper that it all came on. If you’re interested in trying the burgers at The Drawing Room, Thursday nights are probably the best time to go as they do a special for a burger, chips and a beer, wine or soft drink for $20. Very good value when you consider the burger by itself is $19.

Overall it was a nice place to eat and I’d definitely go back to try something different on the menu. They also have a happy hour in the afternoons that I sometimes consider going to as my bus drives past after work.

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Drawing Room, Crace

  1. That juice looks really fresh! It’s a shame that the shake wasn’t as cold as you would expect. Especially when we have been getting a lot of heat. x_X

    I am glad that you enjoyed your Chicken Toastie. It does look really nice!

    It’s cool that you enjoyed it.

    I wonder if in 5 – 10 years we will look back on the things that food was served in and shake our heads.

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