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Goals are Hard

Goals and me, we have never really gotten along very well. I have been taught various methods of making achievable goals throughout my career (most notably the SMART Method) but still I don’t make them.

The plus side to this is that I am never in a situation where I have pressure about succeeding or failing my goals.

During one stint of a goal keeping session my mentor said goals are best when they’re written down and vocalised to other people. Let people know that you’re working towards something so that you are accountable for the outcome. She excitedly thrust a piece of paper and pen in front of me and asked me to scribble down some ideas that could be turned into goals.

I looked down at the piece of paper blankly, the pen shaking in my hand, while she hovered around me anticipating all the things I’d write down and how she could help me work towards them. The paper stayed blank and instead she asked me questions about who inspired me, who did I look up to? I couldn’t answer, I’d never really thought of it before and while she babbled to me about all the many people who inspired her I wondered how she could so easily tell me about all these things she wanted to do and how inspirational people made her feel without worrying about what would happen if she didn’t succeed.

How can someone so easily tell the world about all these things they may never actually do?

And so it came that I never made concrete goals, as it was easier not to rather than fear failing them.

The negative to this that I mostly just cruise through life and see what happens without a huge amount of direction. I pick up hobbies and then drop them when they become too hard and never really push myself to become better at anything, unless it comes naturally.

This year I am going to try to branch out and not be afraid of failing and see what new hobbies and adventures I can have in 2016.Goals for 2016!These are the goals I have for 2016, let’s see how I go:

Lose 20kg by 31/12/2016

Why:  So that I can work towards a healthy weight again.


  • Separate it into blocks of 5kg per quarter. This equals only 1.6kg per month
  • Work on eating healthier snacks with less refined sugar
  • 1 thick shake per workweek! (you know how I love thick shakes)
  • Build up exercise gradually, focusing on strength training (at this point I’m happy with the cardio I get walking to and from bus stops and on lunch breaks)

Learn to crochet! (More than scarves)

Why: I enjoy doing crochet but sometimes find myself getting frustrated with it and giving up. I’d like to improve my skills and make some nice items.


  • Look up left handed beginner patterns online to learn basic technique
  • Buy a bigger range of hooks and some different types of yarns
  • Purchase a kit or two to get started

Cook at least one new meal a month

Why: So that I have more variety of meals available to make and also to improve on my cooking skills.


  • Finally put all of those cooking website bookmarks to use!
  • Don’t get intimidated by long lists of ingredients (especially if the recipe is marked “easy”)
  • Buy more staple ingredients so there is no excuse not to make something

Visit at least 12 new food places by 31/12/2016

Why:  My blog currently features a café/restaurant review every second week so I need to make sure I’m eating at new places to keep that up. It’s also nice to see what places are around as well.


  • Find some interesting places around Canberra to eat at that are new, highly rated or not well known
  • Start a list of places I want to visit and start doing it!

Work on improving All The Me

Why: Why not really? Who doesn’t want to keep on improving their blog and seeing the improvements they’ve made along the year


  • Create a bio for myself. I really hate creating “about me” sections but they can make a blog feel more personal
  • Improve quality of photos for the blog including both food and other types of posts
  • Add contact options so people can get hold of me without  having to comment
  • Post at least once a week – I did this for most of last year, I can do it again!

I think these are a good place to start! I don’t think they’re overly tricky but still something to work towards and they’re mostly fun things to do!

15 thoughts to “Goals are Hard”

  1. These are some reasonable goals. A lot of them are good things to do, like learning how to cook more dishes an such. I’m like you in that if a recipe as a mile-long ingredient list, it immediately turns me off LOL.

    Good luck with all your goals. Do share us your crocheting progress and such ^^

  2. Goals can be, and that’s why putting up smaller goals helps a lot. I’m just happy eating right, exercising aka walking, running with Marley and taking care of the neighbor dogs will end up helping me in the long run. I wish you luck on your goals! ^^

  3. I suck at keeping new years resolutions but making a list and keeping the goals sounds like a good idea!!! I need to update more as well. I used to be really good about it ><;;; ah here is to a more productive new year!!!!! <3

  4. I have been feeling much the same about this year and I want to try and be able to make improvements that are really going to be long term.

    That sounds like a really practical approach to the weight loss. You have to do it in your own way and make it a goal that you can stick with. I plan on loosing weight and getting healthy as well. :D

    I can’t wait to see your crochet creations. :D I am sure that if you start with those beginner patterns and tutorials that you will get the hang of it quickly.

    I have found that since I am eating healthier, you actually have to spend more time preparing food and cooking doesn’t seem as big of a deal. That might be just me.. :P

    Can’t wait to see the new places you visit and review and the updates to your blog! :D If you are looking at improving image quality have you considered a DSLR?

    1. I have thought about a DSLR, it might be something I do. I need to get more used to taking photos in restaurants though.. it’s much easier to do it on a phone without people caring or noticing. Once I’m less awkward about it I might consider a bigger camera :)

  5. They all seem like pretty achievable and maintainable goals, and I like how you’ve blocked them down into steps as well… makes them seem a lot less daunting.
    Good luck! :)

  6. I have also heard before that telling people your goals will help you achieve it. But I don’t think it’s applicable to me. I’m never confident about telling people my goals because I’m afraid I’ll be just more disappointed if I don’t accomplish my goals. But it’s just me, it may be different to everyone else. Hehe.

    I wish you luck on your fitness goal! I’m sure you can do it :) You don’t need to pressure yourself that much. Or you can try an exercise that seems fun. Like dancing! :)

    It must be hard for a left-handed to do a crochet, I mean, the tutorials may not all left-handed and it will be hard to follow. I have tried crochet back in highschool and I find it difficult, I just asked my mama to do it. Haha but I want to give it a try again, I hope I could get some time for a new hobby :)

    I also want to learn how to cook, but I don’t have the chance, since I don’t have sufficient resources in where I’m staying right now. Goodluck with the cooking! Hope you could share your recipes too :)

    I also want to try more restaurants this year! I’m thinking of eating out to a new restaurant whenever my family celebrate a birthday. We always go to our comfort food, but this year, I’ll explore new restaurants. Haha

    I’ll be looking forward to your About page! I love reading about page, especially if I’m new to a blog.

    1. Yes, that’s why I mostly just stay quiet because I don’t want to have to tell people I gave up. It took me a long time to write this post and then to not delete it :P That sounds like a great idea to try new places for birthdays! Hopefully you find some nice new places to go :)

  7. I used to make unrealistic goals, which made it hard for me to achieve them. I think the ones you wrote down are very reasonable and great ones to work towards! I also like your idea of separating your weight goal into quarters. It’s probably more motivating to have shorter milestones, and you can pace yourself :)

    Crochet seems like a cool hobby. My mom does it, and I’m always amazed by the things she makes. I have done the new food places goal before! My husband and I made a list of restaurants that we’ve been wanting to try, and for a while, we’d pick one to go to each weekend. It was fun!

    Looking forward to seeing the changes you plan for the site, and I hope you find some tasty meals to cook :) Good luck on all of your goals!

  8. Goals and I don’t have an easy, breezy relationship either, but we’re working on our problems. Good luck with your goals. I hope they work out for you. :)

  9. The fact you’ve broken each goal down into bite-sized chunks should hopefully make the overall seem less daunting and almost gives you a tangible check-list of progress. I love the idea of finding new places to eat.
    Good luck!

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