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The Illusionists 1903 - Waiting for the show to start

My Favourite Things – December 2015

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It’s time for the December edition of “My Favourite Things”. A linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene where you post about something you enjoyed in the previous month.

Apparently I’m not much of a favourites person but just a favourite person because this month I’m just focusing on one thing again. I did consider 2 but they didn’t really relate to each other well and well, this one favourite is quite cool!

In the middle of the month I went to see The Illusionists 1903 which is basically an old school magic show. I really enjoy things from this time period but you rarely ever get to see anything like it live so when I saw the posters advertising the show I was fairly certain I wanted to go until, that is, I found out the tickets started at $80 and the ‘good’ seats went for $100 which for 2hrs of entertainment is quite a high price.

The Illusionists 1903 - Waiting for the show to start
The Illusionists 1903 – Waiting for the show to start

So the idea sat in the back of my mind for a few weeks and I occasionally went to see what seat I could get if I went. About 2 weeks before I made the decision and bought the ticket and ended up in row B (which was actually the 4th row with AA and BB being the front 2 rows) which, according to the conversation I eavesdropped of the 2 women sitting behind me, were really hard to come by, they had gotten C row seats and had bought their tickets in the first day of them being on sale. I guess it was one plus of going to the show solo, better choice of seats!

The show itself was really great with all the performers being amazingly talented at what they did. My favourite of the group was Dana the Charlatan who was very entertaining and had a psychic bird, Dwayne, who really wasn’t very psychic at all and Dana may have cheated for him just a little.. (“It’s a bird!”) maybe a lot! He was one of the performers who brought a kid on stage which I wasn’t too pleased about but it ended up fairly hilariously with most of Dana’s jokes going right over the kids head but getting quite a giggle out of the rest of us.

There was also The Conjuress who did an incredible illusion that involved a floating ball that she controlled somehow and I have exactly zero idea of how. Then there were The Clairvoyants who were able to guess the strangest of objects and provide specific details about them. I would love to know how their tricks worked but I suppose much of the fun to magic is the unknown.

I was a bit uncertain about going to the show by myself and, in some ways, it did make the experience slightly less fun with no one to talk to about it but I’m glad, although I didn’t know anyone else who wanted to go, that I went along anyway. It was a fun experience and something I would be interested in doing again.

10 thoughts to “My Favourite Things – December 2015”

  1. What an interesting pick for your MFT entry. I would like to see something like this one day. I mean, I never really thought I’d like it, but reading this, I think it’s worth a shot <3

  2. That show sounds awesome! I’ve never seen a magic show live despite having lived in Vegas, but I’d like to someday! Maybe next time we visit and we feel like braving the tourist traffic. :’D

  3. I love magic shows! But I only watch the magic shows live during kids birthday parties. It’s one of the best part of kids parties and even though they’re simple tricks, they get me amused. Haha Whenever I watch magic shows on TV, I only doubt that it’s a camera trick. So I really want to watch a magic show live and get more amazed! Haha

  4. It does look interesting the show although I’ve never seen something similar and maybe it was a good thing to go alone to focus more on it. (:

  5. That’s really great that you enjoyed it! That is the bonus if you go to something by yourself you can get good tickets because people often buy them for two or more. Some tickets can be so expensive in Australia compared to other parts of the world, but I am glad that it was enjoyable. :D

  6. I’ve never been to a magic show before but this sounds awesome! I feel like the entire time I would just try to figure out how they do their tricks, haha, even though that’s not the point of the show! Those prices seem about accurate, though they are more than I would want to pay. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Very interesting! It’s been a long while I heard about magic shows, and I’m glad that you really enjoyed it! A good show is one that keeps you interested from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, for entertainment because it’s almost considered a luxury now, that price range is lower than I would expect it to be. But you still got a great show more than you expected!

  8. Oooh that sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve only seen magic shows on TV and never really thought of watching one live. If they, or a similar group, ever make their way up here in Vancouver perhaps I’ll check them out!

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