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Goals Update – First Quarter 2016

The first quarter of 2016 has now come and gone. It’s been both a slow and fast year. I had booked leave from work at the beginning of February for the end of March and it felt like it took forever to get there but then it also feels like no time at all.

Now that we’re into April I thought I’d provide my first 2016 goals update for the year, both the good and the not so good. So here goes:

Lose 20kg by 31/12/2016

Currently not going so well.

I have lost weight since the beginning of the year but not as much as I was working on. I kept to my healthier snacks (mostly) and my 1 shake per work week mostly and I was also building up my strength. Plus my fitbit shows me averaging 10000 steps on most weekdays (lets not go into the weekends.. they’re a bit less active).

Easter is my major weakness and with that being in the same week as our delicious trip to Melbourne there was really never going to be any good news at this point. I did try and get my weight down enough to take into account those events but I had some stomach issues in February which made me feel sluggish and gross and not wanting to do anything.

I need to get right back on that horse (where did that saying even come from?) and try again. It’s just so sad that nothing healthy (in my mind) compares to easter chocolate and cafe eating in Melbourne.

Learn to crochet

This is going ok. Around the time of my first post I bought a bunch of yarn and a new crochet hook, I also started following along on this video series for left handers (I’m fairly certain they have the same thing for right handers too) and I got through the first project. I also got quite annoyed during that first project and took a break before learning how to crochet in the round – I’m still on that break.

Since that time I have started getting more interested in cross stitch so, potentially, I will change this goal to that instead. Potentially.

Cook at least one new meal a month

This is on track (ish). I have made 3 new things, 2 of which were dinners and 1 cake however, I didn’t make any of them in January and one of the dinners was a fluke because we mistakenly received Pork Fillets in our online shopping and I found a recipe for them on the fly. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t add the 2 dinners into my routine as they didn’t turn out excellent. I do have this Rogan Josh lined up for next week so maybe it will be the lucky one.

Visit at least 12 new food places by 31/12/2016

Definitely on track (was there any doubt?), we have potentially tried 12 new places this quarter (especially with Melbourne in the mix) let alone this year. Reviews to come, eventually.

Work on improving All The Me

I am slowly working on this however procrastinating on the menu options. I have been working on improving my photos.

I still use just a phone camera (I’m not ready to take a DSLR out into public and start shooting food photos) but I have updated my phone and I have been doing more editing to improve the quality of photos. Let me know if you’ve noticed a difference!

I also signed up for a Facebook Page which all my posts are listed on (and some random other things) so follow me there to keep up to date! Have I mentioned how much I dislike Facebook? I really have no idea how people don’t hate it however, for exposure for my blog, it feels like a requirement so I’d love you to like my page if you feel inclined to do so.

One of the goals for this was to post once a week. I have done this every week except for the week I was in Melbourne. I didn’t have anything scheduled and I had planned to write something while I was there but you know, lazy. Plus there were other things to do! Hopefully the weeks that I did multiple posts make up for this – they do in my mind.

Overall I’m doing ok, some goals are moving slower than I expected (I blame the purchase of one Stardew Valley) but they have been worked on. I’m quite disappointed in my lack of will power when it comes to food and was really anticipating a better result on the weight loss goal but all I can do is try and improve from here.

Hopefully I’ll have a more interesting update come the end of June!

8 thoughts to “Goals Update – First Quarter 2016”

  1. Such a great idea to catch up on your goals. :D

    I think it’s awesome that you do so many steps in a day! Even though you might not be on track to loose as much as you had thought, the fact you are is really wonderful! :D

    Cross stitch would be really cool as well. They are be a relaxing thing to do, and you can make great things.

    Good luck with the cooking. :D I think it would be pretty hard to try and make new things a lot.

    Nice work on the new food places. :D

    I feel you on on using a DSLR in public. It can feel really weird sometimes and that is where using a phone can be really handy. Maybe after some time you can get used to it though. xD

    Good luck with archiving the goals, I am sure you can do it. <3

  2. Learning a new meal every month sounds like a good idea. While meal plans are great, sticking to the same plan every week/month can start to feel stale.

  3. Glad to see you’re maintaining some of your goals :) I hope you can get your weight goals on track and keep up with the others.

    I’m with you that I still use my phone to take food photos . . . but that’s because I don’t have one of those huge DSLR. Can’t justify getting one when I don’t even know much about photography! All those ISO and whatever terms drive me batty at the moment XD;

  4. I do a similar thing with my steps – I have no real issues reaching them during the week but at the weekend, it’s a different story. And I’m loving your new meals challenge – I need something like that as I have a really bad habit of cooking the same things over and over again x

  5. Oh this is a good idea! I didn’t really make any goals this year except to lose weight for my wedding and I’ve pretty much failed at that… I really just like food far too much :(

    We’re only 3 months into the year though – I’d say your goals are looking pretty good so far!

  6. I’m the complete opposite – I PREFER using my phone over my clunky camera. I can upgrade my phone (and camera, hehe) each year so at least I’m staying up to date.

  7. I feel your hate for Facebook so I can understand how making a Facebook page might have felt dirty. :P I consider making a page, but for that, I would have to have an account, and if I had any kind of presence on Facebook, people might try and pester me to use it more and post shit there, etc. :P

    Although it is just the first quarter it’s not too late to keep going for your goal weight :) I’m rooting for you! I only started going back to the gym a couple of weeks ago, and the last time I went before that was almost a year ago. It took me that long to ‘get back into it’, and I am eating more chocolate than I did last year. It might be tough but keep it up!

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