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8bit. Burgers and drinks

Review: 8bit., Melbourne CBD

In the week leading up to our Melbourne trip I started looking into good burger places in Melbourne. It turns out the city has exploded with fun burger places but through all my searches one place kept popping up and that was 8bit. A few days before we left I also asked The Drunken Bear team (food & travel vloggers) for the best shake place in Melbourne (something that appears to be lacking in Melbourne – my recommendation would be the Tim Tam Slam at Trunk) and they also mentioned 8bit so we definitely needed to give this place a try.

We went in search of it on for lunch on our first day in Melbourne and, although it was a Sunday (in my experience that means the CBD is dead but apparently not so much anymore) the place was packed! It is only very small with about 15 seats but they also do takeaway. In hindsight we probably could have ordered takeaway and eaten it on the grass at the beautiful State Library but we decided to come back another time… dinner that same night!

8bit. Burgers and drinks
8bit. Burgers and drinks

8bit is basically fastfood but the burgers are more like your local takeaway than McDonalds. With a name like 8bit you can guarantee that there is a old school game theme to the place from burgers named after video games to arcade machines in the stores. The website may also cause you to go blind.

I ordered an 8bit with Cheese ($9.50) which is basically a cheese burger, and Jarrod ordered the Double Dragon ($14.00) which is double everything. I love how they are presented. Initially, I thought it was weird to have burgers come out on their sides – wouldn’t all the ingredients slide down? – but everything stays in-tact and it’s actually really easy to pick them up and eat them when they’re like this.

The burgers were so good. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten a burger that delicious and they were, comparatively, quite cheap and the service was quick even though the place was packed. I left wishing that they’d open a store in Canberra (hint hint).

They have some unusual flavoured shakes and in the end I opted for the Strawberry Cheesecake shake ($7.50). I was pretty scared about this as I don’t like strawberry milkshakes so it could have ended up terribly. In the end it was a good idea as it was like drinking a liquid cheesecake. Yum! Jarrod went with the Chocolate Bar shake ($7.50) which has a featured chocolate bar each week, at the time that was a Bounty bar. It was also very good. Not overpoweringly coconutty and nice and thick.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fit in the chips and I completely forgot about the softserve! I was really looking forward to trying it, or at least checking out what the weekly flavours are. That just gives me motivation to go back there some time!

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6 thoughts to “Review: 8bit., Melbourne CBD”

  1. That is such an awesome name and I love that they keep the theme throughout the meal. The website is also pretty cool, with the way it also carries that through.

    It’s great that you enjoyed them! The price does sound really good. :D


  2. Those burgers look amazing! I don’t think I’d have been able to eat anything else after that either. I always struggle to eat a big meal in restaurants, which is unfortunate, because I love food!

    Milkshakes are the best. A takeaway near me does a Ferrero Rocher one and it’s the most beautiful thing ever!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try this out for some time. Problem is, I almost never go into the CBD (since I last worked in the city in 2013). Looks like it’s quite fatty and filling! ^_^ Something I might get on a special occasion maybe. Please tell me the ingredient quality is better than Maccas or HJ’s? Looks like it might be along the lines of Happy Days (diner).

    I do eat at Grilld every now and then; their burgers do *look* healthier…

    1. Definitely better than Maccas/Hungry Jacks! I liked it better than grill’d personally but it couldn’t be classified as a ‘healthier’ burger I don’t think :P

  4. Ooo, I love the name! It sounds like such a fun, cute place to eat. I don’t usually eat burgers though but they look really nice :”) I doubt they have any in England though. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I actually am not fond of cheesecake T_T I would’ve gone for the strawberry!

  5. That looks like a really big hamburger! I’m not really fond of them but that one looks really appetizing with the bacon… It seemed that you liked it very much.

    I must say what got my eye mostly was the name, especially for that generation that were into videogames from a young age like me. :3

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