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Watch this space

Normally today would have had a blog post of a restaurant or cafe that I’d been to recently with mouth watering photos and the promise of delicious shakes (probably) but I didn’t have anything written up and yesterday I just lost any motivation to do it. To the point where I’m contemplating what the future of the blog is overall.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be like blogging of old, more like chatting to a friend than just some blog you read on the internet. It hasn’t really turned out that way though and I started getting caught up in promotion of my blog and increased views rather than enjoying blogging for bloggings sake.

I’ve been blogging in one form or another now for more than 15 years, with my longest standing domain ( – no longer updated) turning 10 last month but maybe it’s something I’ve outgrown? Maybe seeing the polish of other blogs and, in some cases, the lack of personality makes me wonder if there is room for us random little lifestyle bloggers who don’t have posts with lists and life hacks and whatever else.

This also doesn’t help on the food side of things. My city isn’t overly big and there are quite a lot of food bloggers for its size and maybe there isn’t room for this little blog. I don’t know if I should just ignore what they’re doing and blog about food and restaurants because I like those things or just stop doing them altogether. I wonder though, would I stop trying new places if I didn’t have the blog to update? I don’t really want to stop going new places!

So I’m not really sure what is going to be happening here, maybe it stays the same, maybe it changes or maybe it lies dormant. I’m ┬ánot quite sure at this point.

4 thoughts to “Watch this space”

  1. I think you should keep blogging about food if that is what you want to do. I always personally feel a bit distraught that there are ‘better known’ people out there who blog about food, or people who have a giant following on Instagram and regularly post and write about fashion, and even in web development there are people whose posts are shared worldwide. But I love writing about what I have on my blog and if I stop loving it I just don’t write about it. There is always room for you. :) I recently started contributing to a Yelp/TimeOut-like app and at first thought, well, the big names are going to have all the cool shit. But I believe that I don’t just choose the generic ‘hipster’ places to eat and go to. I believe that I find unique places and appreciate the local small places.

  2. I know how you feel sort of. There’s been times I’ve wondered that about my own blog or my forum. It does seem there seems to be few blogs, just about…well life.

    But if you enjoy it don’t give up!

  3. You do you! I was all about promoting my blog when I first got it up, but the more I thought about it, the more I’m starting to feel that, even if I only have 5 visitors a week, at least those 5 visitors might be people who’d be interested in reading about the random stuff I do in life and the thoughts I have occasionally. And that feels better than 500 visitors a day that, maybe, don’t care as much about ME as a person.

    So I say blog about whatever you want. Or don’t blog at all. Whatever makes you happy, ’cause this is your space!

  4. I think there is a huge HUGE difference between the ‘lifestyle’ bloggers vs people who blog for the love of blogging, the fun of it… even when the topics are the same it’s a completely different section of the internet. And, I know I’d rather have 5 visitors who actually care vs 500.

    If blogging, going to new places and writing about it makes you happy.. go for it.
    If it doesn’t, don’t.

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