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Favourite Things - May 2016

My Favourite Things – May 2016

Favourite Things - May 2016
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It’s time for the May edition of “My Favourite Things”. A linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene where you post about something you enjoyed in the previous month.

If you read my last Favourite Things post you will know I’ve recently gotten into doing cross stitch (updates on Instagram). I felt like I needed something to listen to while cross stitching and the answer was Welcome to Night Vale which I’ve been subscribed to in YouTube for years and, on occasion, have listened to the first 10 or so episodes but never gotten any further than that.

Welcome to Night Vale
Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is a fortnightly podcast that is in the style of community updates for the town of Night Vale. It’s format is that of a community radio station show run by Cecil who gives updates on the news, local events and areas (the dog park which is not for dogs. Or anyone. Don’t go to the dog park, no one is allowed in the dog park) as well as the weather which is actually a song.

You get to meet characters, such as the beautiful haired scientist Carlos, the glow cloud (all hail..) and old lady Josie who speaks to angels, and Khoshekh the station cat, as they go about life in Night Vale. It’s really weird and strange and any other word that can describe odd but also amazing at the same time. Cecil Palmer is the voice of Night Vale (voice actor Cecil Baldwin whose voice fits the show so well!) and you get to see the town through his eyes (or voice as it may be). And just be glad you don’t have to intern for the station.

Since starting to listen to it at the same time as cross stitching I’ve been able to get through 50+ episodes (there are more than 80) and am still really enjoying it. It is definitely more enjoyable than my local radio station, that is for sure!

If you like things that are a little bit different and are ok with the idea that mountains don’t exist and wheat & wheat by-products are banned then I really recommend you give it a try, even just the pilot (linked above) and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Goodnight Night Vale, goodnight.

7 thoughts to “My Favourite Things – May 2016”

  1. This sounds like a neat podcast :) They’re not my thing, though, unfortunately. The same reason why I can’t do audiobooks. I don’t have the hearing capacity and the patience to sit through and listen to something that’s not music without visuals. When I was knitting, I got into Ted Talks, but that’s because seeing the speaker on screen and their lips movement helps me understand things better.

    1. I’m not really into podcasts and audio books either. Not because of hearing but that I can’t just sit and listen to one without thinking I should be doing something else. Then I get distracted with the other thing and forget I’m listening to something that requires some level of attention.

      I find Night Vale is easy enough to listen to while doing cross stitch, I guess because cross stitch doesn’t require a lot of thought once you have worked out your stitches.

  2. Welcome to Night Vale is fantastic! I’ve only listened to the first 10 episodes or something, but those have all been great! Unfortunately I get easily distracted when listening to podcasts and audiobooks and forget to listen. :/ It’s a shame as I’d love to get through all of Night Vale.

    1. I’m the same! I always get distracted and start thinking about something else and stop listening. This is the first time I’ve gotten so far with Welcome to Night Vale, the only other podcast I was successfully able to get through was the first season of Serial.

  3. I’ve always wanted to start this podcast! I’ve been on a break from crocheting but I will keep this mind when I pick it back up again. :D

  4. That sounds like a really interesting and unique podcast. It’s great you discovered it and it can be good company when doing your stitching! :D

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