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Items from the Mini Mystery Pamper Pack

Review: Z and Co. Subscription Box

This weeks review post is a little different as it doesn’t contain any food (although I would like to eat one of the soaps.. it smells so good!) but instead a subscription box. I really enjoy the idea of subscription boxes because of the surprise each month and sometimes there are things you would never pick for yourself but realise you actually really like. I’ve tried a few boxes in the past but found I never used any of the products and the overseas ones always had crazy postage charges attached which, in most cases, negated the added value of the boxes.

First look into the Mini Mystery Pamper Pack box
First look into the Mini Mystery Pamper Pack box

I first heard about Z and Co. a few months ago but couldn’t decide what products I wanted to try but subscribed to their email list just in case something took my eye which, this month, it did. They just released subscription boxes! Z and Co. is an Australian (from Canberra, even better!) brand that sells skin care products such as scrubs, soaps and body butters which are all things I enjoy using so I couldn’t wait to see what I would receive.

Something I like about the boxes is they aren’t all shipped out on the same date like many others but you have a monthly subscription from the day you first sign up which meant instead of waiting weeks for my box it arrived within a few days.

What's inside!
What’s inside!

The box was packed nicely with some black tissue paper for padding and there was also a personalised, handwritten letter from owner Neda, she informed me I was the lucky 1st subscriber to the box and because of that she’d thrown in a few extras for me! It was lovely to get something handwritten and personalised and the service was great all round (I also emailed Neda a few time before I bought the box and she was prompt to reply and very nice).

Items from the Mini Mystery Pamper Pack
Items from the Mini Mystery Pamper Pack

I bought the Mini Mystery Pamper Pack which is $29.95/month including shipping, the subscription boxes are open to Australia only, which is the cheapest one available. They have a variety of packs depending on your budget and also ones that cater to pregnant women/new Mums and men.

In my mini box I received:

  • Feel the Love Body Soak – this is a lovely body and foot soak that includes vodka! – I probably wouldn’t try drinking it though. I had the pleasure of using this last night and it left my skin feeling lovely and soft. The scent isn’t overpowering and could be used by both men and women.
  • Honey, I’m Home! Body Butter – After letting this melt a little between my fingers it then went onto my skin really easily and my skin felt nice and soft and soothed. The scent is an unusual one that I’m not overly keen on but given one of the ingredients is Shea Butter I’m not too surprised, it isn’t a scent I particularly like. If you do though you might like this.
  • Bush Pig Soap – this is quite an unusual name for a soap! I looked up on the website for answers and it appears to be ‘why not?’. I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I love how it looks, especially the little leaves on top.
  • Blueberry Mini Cupcake Soap – I haven’t had a chance yet yo try this one. I’m interested in what it must smell like though! I can imagine this being a cute little guest bathroom soap.
  • Candy Watermelon Soap Cube – This soap looks and smells amazing! It reminds me of Starburst chews and I really just want to eat it. I have to remind myself it will not taste how it smells! I haven’t had a chance to use this yet either but I am trying to think of where I can use it so I can open it as soon as possible.
  • Gentle Lavender Soap – I’m not sure if this one is available still as it isn’t on the website. I haven’t used it yet but it has a subtle hint of lavender and is a goat’s milk soap so I’m assuming it’s nice and soft and milky to use. I love goats milk soap so I’ll definitely be giving it a try.

I really wish I had a use for all these soaps so I could find out how they smell and feel. One day I will get a chance to use them all! I also love that everything appears to be full size, no samples here! There was also a $5 off coupon in my body soak! Fortunately I noticed it before pouring it into the bath!

Overall I have enjoyed this pack and can’t wait to see what I get for future packs. If you’re in Australia and looking for a new subscription box to try I’d definitely recommend it, especially as the prices start at $29.95AUD including shipping and you can cancel any time.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for everything myself and just enjoy sharing quality products from small local businesses.

3 thoughts to “Review: Z and Co. Subscription Box”

  1. That is so great that you found a local subscription box and it looks like it is packed with so many great goodies. The soap that looks like watermelon is so adorable. :D I hope you enjoy them. <3

    (P.s. Hopefully you don't eat any haha.)

  2. This is super fun! I love the mystery of it and it is a great way to sample a variety. They sound good to share with family and friends. Curious about the bush pig soap (use and review it!). The watermelon and lavender sounds promising.

  3. Yayyyyy I love local or Australia-based subscription boxes :) I subscribed to a jewellery one and they just changed their model to be a regular store focused on Indian-inspired jewellery, which I am really not a fan of.

    I don’t have much use for soaps and prefer shower gels, though I know some soaps are better than others because of how they are made. It would take a while to go through all that soap and I wouldn’t subscribe to one because I don’t think I would need that every single month.

    Still, I enjoyed reading your review and think it’s great that you were the first subscriber to a subscription box that’s Aussie! :)

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