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Timeless Thoughts: Driving

Timeless Thoughts - click to join the link up
Timeless Thoughts – click to join the link up

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I first got my Learners Licence when I was 16, the legal age here is 15 and 9 months, I knew some people that got it the very first day they could because they were that keen to drive. I was less keen and never really felt the same desire to drive as my classmates. It was more my parents pushing me to get it rather than me wanting to that finally made me do it. Learning to drive was less than fun, the first vehicle that I started in was my Dad’s ute and I found it far too stressful and didn’t try again for ages.

A little while later I started learning in our old red Holden Gemini, we had bought it one day when we were actually out looking for a new ute. One place we went to that was advertising a ute for sale also had their son’s Gemini for sale and my Dad loved it so much he bought it. It was a teenaged boys dream, my Dad wasn’t exactly the target demographic for the lowered car with dark tinted windows and a redback spider gear knob.

Eventually I started practising in my parents new car, they thought it would be more respectable to do the test in it than the old Gemini plus it had power steering and was somewhat easier to drive.

And that is how I came to get my “red P’s” in the summer of 2000/2001. I had a deadline from my parents, they needed a driver to the AC/DC concert in February of 2001 and expected me to get my licence so that I could do so, seriously, that happened.

After that I inherited the Gemini which went on a lot of adventures with me. I’m surprised it didn’t end up worse off given it had a tendency to overheat and I drove it in some conditions it probably shouldn’t have been driven in. One day it died for good. I could have repaired it but it was more money than it was worth and more money than I had so I let the wreckers take it away and investigated buying a new car!

I hated my new car, it was an automatic and a lot bigger than my little Gemini and I decided I wasn’t going to drive it and then if I wasn’t going to drive it why bother having a licence? So I let my licence expire and didn’t renew it for nearly 10 years.

I currently live in an area that only this week had a local set of shops open and it’s either a 30 min walk to the next shops or working around the less than awesome bus timetables to get anywhere so about a week ago I got my Learner’s again (I got it originally 2 years ago but let it expire without doing much driving) and am pretty determined to get it converted to at least my P’s, but hopefully a full licence. Hopefully this desire outweighs my laziness.

I went for my first drive yesterday and it went ok! Considering in the last 10+ years I’d only done a little drive once before it’s pretty amazing how quickly you remember how to do everything. There are obviously things I need to work on (like checking for cyclists when crossing cycle paths. No I didn’t do that yesterday, eek! Fortunately there were no cyclists) but I think it’s something I can do and maybe in the next year or so I will be saying I went for my first drive solo.

7 thoughts to “Timeless Thoughts: Driving”

  1. I got my licence . . . 19? 20? Somewhere around there. I discovered then that I have horrible driving skills due to having terrible depth perception. Let’s just say I start panicking because I feel like a car coming towards me is going to hit me because my eyes see things closer than they should be ~_~; So needless to say, while I’ve obtained my licence, I am not driving at all. In fact, it’s been years since I’ve driven, and I’m now afraid to get back behind the wheel. Thank goodness for living in a place with good public transport and with things being in walking distance!

    Good luck with your renewed driving adventures :) Also, I LOLed at your parents’ requirement of you getting your licence for an AC/DC concert. XD

  2. That is really wonderful news that you are driving and I hope that over time you will feel much more comfortable and it will be like second nature to just know what to do. :D It would be awesome if you could get the Ls converted to Ps or full license. Save a lot of time. At least we don’t have to keep a log book. :p

    I just got a car of my own and I will be starting to drive a lot more. I only have my Ls and never had anything higher. It’s exciting that we are both doing driving now. :D Maybe one day, when I can feel more confident I can drive to see you and Claire (@distractivore)! :D

    1. I still have to do the standard L’s stuff. I had to do a knowledge test (100% YAY) and I have to have my L’s for 6 months at least and I can do the log book and not have to do a driving test or I can just do an hr long driving test. At that point they might be able to convert it to full licence based on my previous driving experience.

      Good luck with your driving! A swift is such a cute car to start out in :)

  3. I feel like ten years is long, but it was about seven years between me getting my first learner licence and then my second one because I had let the first one expire without continuing. I had no pressure to learn how to drive, as I rode a bus and/or walked to school, or got dropped off by my parents. I lived very close to where I needed to go and my parents were happy to drive me around. I was insanely jealous of all my friends who got their licence as soon as they could. My parents were concerned about my safety and I also hated learning with them because my mum in particular would shout at me and make me very stressed behind the wheel.

    I wanted to learn with an instructor but I had no money at the time and my parents were not willing to pay. It was embarrassing to tell people I could not drive, even to tell them I was ‘still learning’ at 20 years old. I watched my friends get their red or green Ps and then get their full licences, then leeched rides off them. It even got to the point where I was seeing a guy but it really felt like I was just using him for rides, even when I wasn’t keen on hanging out. I just wanted a ride home. :P

    I only got my red P licence last year (I was 24). It felt like a milestone, and it’s so funny that over the years I was taught by friends who got their licences before me and were legally allowed to teach me how to drive. xD I am personally glad I just get to drive alone, really. (I hate all the levels of driving we have in Australia.)

    I don’t feel like you are lazy, I guess it seems like you didn’t really need to drive around so there was no point spending money on a licence or a car. It was like that for me as well, and many people say that learning how to drive is simply a convenience rather than anything else. I wish you the best of luck learning!! :)

  4. Good luck with your new license! :) (I loled at the AC/DC concert)

    In my case, I’ve already graduated college and all but I still don’t know how to drive. It scares the pants out of me! The whole thing looks overwhelming to me and I’m not good with directions too. It’s hard especially since I live in a city where traffic is craaazy and people don’t follow road rules (hello, Metro Manila). My inability to drive doesn’t bother me as much because my closest friends don’t drive too.

    I know I will eventually need to drive and I’m dedicating a spot to it on my Bucket List. But for now Uber is my savior. (And I’m just lucky my brother and my parents still offer to drive me around)

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