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Timeless Thoughts – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Timeless Thoughts - Click to join the link up
Timeless Thoughts – Click to join the link up

I considered posting this earlier but decided it would be perfect for a Timeless Thoughts post and held off until now. Timeless Thoughts is a link-up run by Georgie and Tara each month, click on the image above to join!

Today (Mar 10) is the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in tv form anyway. It started all the way back in March of 1997 and would continue to live on through the show, a spin-off and comics until today.

Living in Australia I didn’t get to see the show until the summer (that’s December over here) of 1997. This was the time of the year that networks put on shows they didn’t think would really go to well but need something while all their popular shows were on hiatus for the summer.

Unfortunately, back in the mid 90’s we didn’t have the luxuries of downloading or buying episodes at the time they were released that we do now (although for some TV shows we still don’t in Australia… not legally anyway. Thanks Foxtel) so we had to wait until the tv networks decided they wanted to air the shows.

I anticipated Buffy coming for a while – For much of my life I’ve always had an interest in all things vampires.. That sort of died with the coming of Twilight when they were ruined for me – Buffy had been advertised on TV for weeks in advance but I just had to wait it out while watching things like re-runs of MASH. Summer programming in Australia was always riveting.

Finally, it began. I remember watching it from my little 32cm TV in my bedroom (something I’d do for many seasons of the show) each week and wondering what the scooby gang were going to come up against this week.

This continued for many years, through the angst of Angel/Angelus and all the big bads through the years, the love/hate relationship with Spike (I was always firmly on the side of love when it came to Spike.. as well as a bit of a Spuffy shipper), as well as all the other love (and heartbreak, because Joss Whedon can’t let his characters be happy, apparently) including the first lesbian sex scene to be shown on network TV.

At my first job I’d find others who liked the show too and we went to a Buffy convention in Melbourne in 2003 (my first time there!) and I got to meet Emma Caulfield (Anya) who was ever so tiny in real life. I would later realise that most the cast were quite short.

It was the first show I remember watching and really enjoying. The first show I ever wanted to own and bought on dvd, even though the box sets at the time took up a huge amount of space. I would later sell them and re-buy them in the smaller cases which I still own today.

Even though there were many times I didn’t like Buffy, the character, I always enjoyed the show as a whole and am amazed to see that it still brings people together, even now, 20 years later.

6 thoughts to “Timeless Thoughts – Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

  1. Ahhh. I remember watching this show for a good year or two. I really liked it back then, but eventually I lost interest in the show XD;;; Reading this took me back, though, to those junior high days where my friends and I would watch shows like this and discuss it! Now you’re making me remember the few shows I adored back then! I may have to do a TT post on that one day XD

    But wow. Can’t believe it’s been twenty years since the show has aired! Time sure flew by!

  2. I saw some tweets about Buffy the other day for the 20 year anniversary. I gotta admit, I never got into Buffy… but then again I didn’t really get into television shows when I was younger. I’m still amazed that it was popular and is still remembered after all this time. It must be one of the television shows with the biggest fan followings.

  3. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Buffy, which I really enjoyed, so I don’t know why I haven’t picked it back up again! It’s definitely the sort of programme that’d be right up my street!

    It’s so cool that you got to meet a cast member. I’d love to meet the actors from my favourite shows!

  4. This was brilliant to read your thoughts on a show that really meant a lot fo many people. It’s so strange how much has changed in that time. Mainly in the way we access media. Vampires are certainly not the same anymore. Around that time I really liked Charmed, oh and the classic Heartbreak High (Drazic was totally my favourite). :D

  5. I remember picking the season 1 boxset up in Blockbuster video one day and watching the whole thing, and then going back for another couple of seasons before I caught up with what was showing on BBC TV. I was definitely a Buffy/Angel shipper; Spike I adored his relationship with Dru. The last couple of seasons lost my interest but I do love going back and re-watching it. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, perhaps I’m due a rewatch!

    I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. That’s kind of insane and yet so many people still love the show.

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