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What is Cheating?

A few days ago I watched a Q&A video on YouTube and one of the questions was surrounding cheating in a relationship and what she¬†would consider the definition to be. Her answer, which I think is a decent one, was if you have said or done anything you wouldn’t want your partner to see or know about. Essentially, could you hand over your phone, laptop, etc. to your partner and know they weren’t going to be upset with something on it.

I thought this was a really interesting definition for cheating and I’d never considered it in that way. There are definitely things that I have said and done while in previous relationships that, by this definition, would be considered as cheating. For me, cheating has usually been more about physically being with someone rather than the emotional connection. Which, now that I think about it, is strange because I know how I’d feel if there was someone out there that Jarrod was more emotionally attached to than me.

I would consider myself to be quite anti-cheating, I’m a person that has the state of mind that if you are going to cheat on your partner than why are you with them at all? I would also end a relationship if I found my partner had been cheating, no second chances. So it’s strange to think, looking back, that some of the things I did weren’t really above board.

Fortunately, I can live guilt free, even though my view has been expanded, as I know that I could hand over my phone or laptop to Jarrod and know I wouldn’t be concerned by anything he could find on there.. other than any super cool gift idea that I might have open in Chrome at any given time :)