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Goodbye Google Reader!

Timeless Thoughts #1: Google Reader

Timeless Thoughts - Click to join the link up!
Timeless Thoughts – Click to join the link up!

Timeless Thoughts is a monthly blog linkup hosted by Tara and Georgie where each month you discuss something you miss or are feeling nostalgic about.

This month my Timeless Thoughts go to Google Reader. It has been gone for more than 2 years now but every day I look at my RSS reader (BlogLovin) I sigh and wish I still had Google Reader.

Goodbye Google Reader!
Goodbye Google Reader!

I was so surprised when it was announced that Google would be shutting down Google Reader, I couldn’t understand why they would do that. Nearly everyone I knew used and liked it. What were we going to do now that it was disappearing?

Suddenly, many little known alternatives started popping up claiming they wanted to take us all in and we were able to bring our feeds with us. At the time I decided to choose Feedly because it was so sleek and clean and looked great on my iPad. Slowly, the bugs started appearing and it wouldn’t sync posts properly, it was marking things as read that I hadn’t read.. it wasn’t loading correctly and I ended up deciding to move over to BlogLovin and give them a try.

Initially it was decent, I could view my feed online as well as through their iPad app and, other than an annoying image issue (they seemed to have issues with large sized images is peoples posts and wouldn’t show them at all.. and the support for it was abysmal), did everything I needed. But then, the bugs started appearing. They did a large update and made it worse – one update only let you use the app in portrait and not landscape, that was rectified pretty quickly – the image quality is terrible now and you have to go to the website to see it them in full quality. The website frame is incredibly annoying, the scrolling is not smooth and you can accidentally mark everything as read by using the scroll on your mouse.

I find myself endlessly frustrated with it and wishing for the simple times of Google Reader again. It found feeds, it found new posts and it displayed them without issue. I never knew finding something on the same level would be so difficult.

If you use an RSS reader, which one and what do you like/dislike about it?